Yogurt Rice – Perfect for Vata Constitution!

Having immense relieving effects on the digestive tracts of human beings, yogurt is a dairy ingredient, best suited for Vata prakruti people. Can be taken by Pitta constitution individuals- when a little diluted and by Kapha prakruti individuals- even more diluted. Low in fat content, yogurt clubbed with warm spices, has even more magical effects on the process of digestion. A cup of yogurt after a meal can help you fight indigestion or overeating.

curd rice

Season & Dosha
Let us look into a quick and simple yogurt recipe, which can be served as an appetizer as well as a main dish. It is the yogurt rice- perfect for Vata Constitution. Can be relished at anytime of the year!

Preparation time
This recipe takes merely 20 minutes, when you have all ingredients at home.


  1. For four servings:
  2. 4 bowls boiled rice
  3. 2 teaspoons black mustard seeds
  4. 500 grams yogurt, whipped till smooth
  5. 1 tablespoon refined sunflower oil
  6. 10-15 almonds for garnishing (optional)
  7. Salt as per taste

Method of Preparation

  • The oil is heated in a deep pan
  • Black mustard seeds are added and sauteed until they pop
  • Following this, the boiled rice is added to the pan and mixed well with the tempering
  • After the rice is mixed well, the whipped yogurt is emptied into the same pan and integrated well with the rice
  • The yogurt rice is allowed to cook for another 5 minutes. Overcooking after adding yogurt will make the dish bitter
  • The prepared astringent yogurt rice is emptied into 4 serving bowls and garnished with whole almonds

Chopped cucumber can be added to the recipe after preparing the mustard tempering. It gives a fuller meal. This dish can be consumed all by itself and needs no side dish to enhance its taste. But if you want, you can club it with a sprouted salad.

Health Facts
Low in calories, each serving provides 370 calories. People who are lactose intolerant must avoid eating this food preparation.

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  1. Amazing unique recipe. Thank you for the simple instructions.

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