Unveiling Siddha Vaidya

The art of medicine involves magnanimity, philanthropy, good will, kindness; endurance and finally perseverance are some of the principles. Curing human ailments are looked upon as sacred tasks by the yogis (holy men) hence the people who are involved in these tasks must have developed minds to understand the depth of the ailments and aims of life.

One of the ancient systems of alternative medicine flourished in South India is the Siddha system introduced by the Siddhars who had attained or achieved perfection or heavenly bliss. They were the greatest scientists of ancient times, men of culture, intellectual and spiritual faculties combined with super natural powers. The super natural powers are attributed to transmission of thought, action from distance, clairvoyance, invisibility, levitation and the power of transmuting metals.

Origin of Siddha Vaidya
Siddha Vaidya has been serving humanity for over 17,000 years to make human beings experience the fullness of health. The earliest data concerning the science and practice of alternative medicine in India comes from the material remains of the Indus valley civilization (2500 B.C– 1500 B.C) though the credit goes to Vedic texts for the concepts of medical art.

Siddha system was prevalent long before Aryan period in the southern part of India. The civilization in these parts dates 12,000 years Before Christ. Some of the literary works in Tamil language reveal that there were Academies during the year 1990 to 5550 B.C in this region which was dedicated to Siddha vaidya. Siddhas during this time period contributed vast number of medicinal texts and imparted their knowledge to their disciples.

Basis of siddha Vaidya
Siddha Vaidya has its own theory of creation of universe. According to their philosophies the creator did not have any place of his own in the universe; they assumed that the primordial universe was always under the influence of a personified sound vibration of ‘OM’ which in turn was built on fundamental particles that created the material and conscious universe. Siddhas believed that everything in the universe be it matter, energy and consciousness is a part of continuous spectrum.

Hence the main essence of Siddha Vaidya rotates around the principle ‘using what is natural; removing what is not natural to balance nervous system with a holistic approach’. Another approach of the system is to use the internal sources to heal the body from various ailments.

Information in the very origin of Siddha Vaidya might have been transmitted and stored in memories as an oral tradition. The formulations are made exactly in the same way which was mentioned in the ancient texts written in palm leaves in a poetic manner. With time, the oral tradition gradually became a written tradition. Experimenting from one media to another, the ancient physicians might have arrived at the optimal media for information storage. Unfortunately, that might not have been the best choice for information storage for the thousands of years from then to now.

Siddha Vaidya is the most authentic in all the alternative medicine systems as it is based on the fact that everything exists within the body and the system honors the body. The system had originated from the depths of direct experience of learned people and emerged as a comprehensive healing system.

The system focuses on one point – ‘back to basics’. It does not interfere nor does it manipulate the nature of the human bodies. In general Siddha Vaidya needs only kitchen technology meaning using oils made from over 300 herbs, each of which is handpicked at precise timings, season and year.

Though the system was discouraged by the Western medicine and the development of Pharma, but countless Chinese practitioners who were traveling to India to study this special alternative medicine were benefited, had taken the task of spreading the system.

A brilliant and fundamental understanding of Siddha Vaidya is that the origin of disease at atomic level. Siddha Vaidya acts at the very atomic level, acting on molecules, and, therefore, providing the most basic, complete and long-lasting healing system useful to human beings. It is like bio-nanotechnology, of modern times but nano technology is done with the help of external agencies like microscopic machines, while Siddha Vaidya uses the natural inputs of herbal and elemental remedies formulated by Siddhas who used their super natural powers to become minute and in order to actually see how each and every disease affected the body so that imbalances could be precisely and holistically corrected.

Siddha Vaidya offers a clear and practiced balance to the unavoidable consequences of modern technological methods and over-dependence on external resources. Re-orienting the move away from nature, Siddha Vaidya helps to rediscover the natural intelligence of nature directing towards the total health care.

Ancient texts of Siddha medicine covers over 350,000 known cures and the precise timings of picking herbs and assembling them in a proper systematic manner, Sri Raman Harichandran, highest authority of modern day Siddha Vaidya, before his death in 1989, said that, even though all diseases are known, along with their cures, still he felt “like a child playing with sand at the ocean of Siddha Vaidya.”

Siddha Vaidya cannot be categorized as a religiously connected discipline, though the essence of the system is religiously inclined to connect ourselves to ever effulgent source. True, the system had originated from India, it is not definitely bent towards Hinduism; anyone who belongs to other religion also can be equally benefited from this ancient tradition of natural holistic healing. ‘Sound health is the backbone of Sound spirit’ is the mantra of Siddha Vaidya.


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Author: vijayalakshmi kuchimanchi

I am a retiree worked in the field of Life sciences, greatly interested in promoting alternative medicine, more in Herbs and a student trying to learn Hindu Philosophy for the past several years. In addition to these I want to be a learner of every modern technological inventions , at the same time promote the greatness of Hindu Culture.

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