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Rajasthan means the land of Kings and I had always envisioned it as a land of bright colors and happiness. I, hence, had harbored a desire to tour the length and breadth of the wonderful Indian state. Finally, I did it a couple of months back – a road trip of Rajasthan.

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Though I did stay overnight at Mount Abu in Rajasthan, the first real taste of the state was Udaipur. The city was established as the capital of Mewar by Maharana Udai Singh II in 1559, hence the name Udaipur.

The old and the new sit comfortably cheek by jowl in this city. And once in the old quarter, you don’t want to ever move over to the new monotonous urban Udaipur.

Old city is a maze of narrow lanes and bridges and gates populated by cattles and other livestock. All the lanes lead to various palaces, forts, havelis and museums. If you are on foot, you will have to walk around gingerly to avoid all the dung and droppings of the forever munching cows and goats. The place feels as if you have traveled in a time machine to the times when the Rajas ruled.

The few must visit places are The City Palace, the Vintage Car Museum, Bagore ki Haveli and the ride to the hill top by cable car to look at the breathtaking views of the entire city. The Lake Palace is out of bounds for casual visitors as it is now converted into a hotel and is the exclusive prerogative of hotel guests. This Lake Palace hotel had shot into fame when it was featured in ‘Octopussy’ – a James Bond film. This movie, even now, after so many years, is still screened in almost all the city hotels.

Another place you should not miss is the monsoon palace from where you can get a lovely view of Udaipur.

As far as food is concerned, well Udaipur is totally tuned to catering to the Continental tastes. In the bed and breakfast hotels you have a choice of Indian/Continental breakfast. In Continental you get cornflakes, pancakes or eggs to order with bread and in Indian you get parathas, parathas or more parathas, or of course the masala omelet (please specify if you like it spicy) with bread.

If you are looking for authentic hygienic Rajasthani cuisine, there is one restaurant in Udaipur serving it – Nataraj Dining Hall. The value for money restaurant is located near Udaipur railway station.

If you intend to shop around, do ask your hotel reception the best place to do so and also the approximate price at which to buy to ensure you are not ripped off.

Similarly for travelling around, fix the rates with the transport operator before you start off. The three-wheelers are the best, as they can very easily maneuver through the narrow lanes of old Udaipur and save time.

Overall Udaipur is a wonderful city that has tradition and modernity in equal measure and a wonderful gateway to Rajasthan.

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  1. Udaipur city looks good, I never visited this city, I read City Palace most romantic hotel in India. I hope to travel to this city one day.

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