Turtle Eggs in Parali Island in Lakshadweep-India

Recently I visited Lakshadweep Island for my vacation. You can Google it and find all the information about Lakshadweep and various islands. In this India travel blog I am going to discuss my unforgettable experience in one of  the smallest islands called Parali Island.

When I landed on Agatti Island, I did not know anything about Parali Island, but the resort staff where I stayed recommended me to visit Parali during the full-moon day which was two days after I landed in Agatti. I asked the resort staff, “What is so special about Parali and visiting it on the full-moon day?”  The staff explained that female turtles come out from the sea to lay eggs in the sand and this is a spectacular view and I shouldn’t miss it. I was surprised to here about the turtles and the full-moon connection. When I asked about it, they did not know why turtles come during full moon nights. Perhaps they come during normal nights as well-I am not sure. After talking with a few of the other resort staff, I decided to explore the Parali to see the turtles firsthand.

Parali is a uninhabited island located close to other two popular islands Bangaram and Tinakkkara. You can not see this island in Google Maps or any other maps. From Bangaram Island you can reach to Parali by boat. If you want to do something different other than lying in the sandy beaches, wind-surfing, fishing, scuba diving, and sailing then I would recommend you to visit Parali during a full-moon night to watch thousands of turtles lay eggs on the Parali sand. It is an amazing experience to watch these turtles slowly emerge from the shiny waves in the moonlight reflections. Several mother turtles dig holes in the sand using their flippers, and lay several eggs in their nests. The beauty of the mother turtles under the moon-light reflections and sound of the waves is a surreal experience and one should not miss it. The guide requested me not to use flash in my camera. I did not have a good camera so the photos I took without any flash are not good enough to publish here. But some moments in life are worth experiencing and being in that moment, more so than taking pictures. I would say watching the turtles is one such moment in my life.

During my stay I visited Agatti, Bangaram, Tinakkkara, and Parali islands; this is an unforgettable vacation for people like me coming from city life where nature has been left alone untouched by human life. Specifically I was happy that I visited the Parali to see the turtles coming out to lay eggs.

Author: Kumar Ram

I am a traveler and blogger, I love to write about India and its rich culture.


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