Treatments in Siddha Vaidya

The actual treatments are many in ancient Siddha Vaidya health practices, all the treatments use herbs or herbal oils which are in specific combinations caters to the requirements and nature of the individual.

Treatments in Siddha vaidya is classified into:
Divine method which uses metals and minerals
Rational method with 34 types of Herbal preparations that can be given internally and externally
Surgical methods which cover procedures like incision, excision, heat application and bloodletting etc.
The actual treatments are many in ancient Siddha Vaidya health practices, all the treatments use herbs or herbal oils which are in specific combinations caters to the requirements and nature of the individual.

Siddha Massage
• 3000 year old Siddha massage is systematic, guided treatment used mostly to loosen up the muscles, opening up the pores in the skin with a special type of red colored medicated oil which brings easy moments to the body and the relaxation of the mind.
• The therapy begins at specific points on the body with green colored oil made out of 300 different types of herbs.
• The therapist uses strong circular motions with his palm especially on the spine, back, arm, legs moving from right and left, top to bottom of the body. The massage starts from the back comes to the front of the body.
• The massage takes about 90 minutes and then followed by a steam bath for twenty minutes.
• The warmed up body is cooled with a drink of honey and sandalwood powder.
• The massage rounds up with a hot shower.
Rice-milk Massage:
• In this treatment, a pouch of prepared herbs specific to individual need dipped in hot rice milk takes about one hour.
• The therapist uses fast circular strokes all over the upper body and then on the lower part of the body on the back, and then comes to the front part of the body.
• This type of massage cleanses the skin and enhances the beauty of the skin.
• It is very beneficial to underweight people as the therapy helps to increase the weight.
• The person’s bones, muscles and the physiology are slowly softened and rebuilt.
• The rebuilding of the muscles is done in natural way and the muscles become strong.

Kaya Kalpa or Regeneration Therapy
• This therapy enhances the qualities of the body like for physical, emotional and sexual health which are all vital to longevity.
• It increases the vitality, physical beauty, functionality and productivity of the body.
• The therapy acts as an immune-modulator, cyto-protector and physical regenerator.
• In case of ailments like after stroke management and improvement in cases of scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus the regeneration therapy is very beneficial.
• Regeneration stimulates the body to produce vital bio-molecules needed for the body’s own physiological function and to live a healthy life.
• The regeneration of biomolecules is observed best in case of burns:
• Regeneration Therapy simulates burns meaning the individual suffer from no pain or charred skin.
• The treatment involves the application of very hot medicated oil in herbal bags over the body which is rubbed very fast. Though oil is applied on the skin but the curing is done to the entire body.

Scientific role of hot oil in regeneration therapy
• Skin plays a vital role in this therapy as it is linked to nervous system, stimulates glandular and hormonal systems.
• Sensory receptors are present on the skin which is in direct contact with autonomous nervous system.
• There are four different parts (blood vessels, nerves, skin cells and connective tissue) in the skin that responds to regeneration therapy.
• Heat in the oil constricts and dilates the blood vessels so that the stagnated blood is removed and oxygenated blood gushes in its place which in turn enhances the blood purification process with the help of sweat glands present in the skin.
• Production of neurotransmitters increases.
• Enhanced production of fast acting brain body neuro peptides
• Increase in the production of thyroxin and ACTH which helps in relieving pain and muscle spasm.
• The skin cells produce heat shock proteins and interleukins in response to the very high heat. One function of the heat shock proteins is to protect the cells from further heat injury.
• Interleukins help remove damaged cells and replace them with healthy cells.
• Finally, the connective tissue an important anti-aging tissue in the aged people, the collagen and elastin fibers have a tendency to shrink, resulting in wrinkled skin.
• High heat stimulates the fibroblasts (a type of skin cell) to produce fresh collagen and elastin fibers.
• The immediate effect of regeneration is a feeling of well-being and deep relaxation.
• The body is realigned and balanced, paving the way for a period of “catch-up” rest and/or a surge of energy.
• The muscles are relaxed and spasms relieved. The long-term effect is improvement of health and longevity.
• Thyroxin helps to lose excess fat and will help to build muscle mass and sculpt the body.

Varma or Acupressure in Siddha Vaidya

Life is driven by Oxygen that gives energy to the 72,000 nerves found in the human body. When the flow of Oxygen is obstructed, life is at stake. A human body requires ten different types of Airs for proper functioning. Each type of air has its own function to keep the body healthy and disease free. Among all the airs, Prana or the life force is the most important one. Prana controls the function of all other airs. Prana flows through three channels (Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna) from vertex to sole. The entire path of the prana consists of junctions or places where it stays temporarily. These junctions are called Varmam or pressure points. There are 108 pressure points in our body. Out of these 12 pressure points when injured can lead to death. The other 96 pressure points are used in therapeutic purposes.

For example when the body gets injured at a particular part due to some accident that can lead to shock or fracture, the prana changes its path and gets scattered from its original place to any other area. During this time the person may experience excruciating pain which may also refer to other area leading to loss of consciousness or even coma. This type of injury when not treated in a specific time period may lead to deadly or fatal conditions. The signs and symptoms which the patient shows due to such trauma may mimic different other diseases.

Varma emergencies – which can be called orthopedic emergencies according to recent medical science – specific physiotherapy was indicated for each type of varma. In addition internal medicines were also indicated
One fourth of population all over the world today is suffering from diseases of sorts on account of Varma impacts. With the advancement of scientific knowledge and increased mechanization, diseases arising out of Varma impacts are also on the increase. The treatment of impact ailments which is unknown to other system of medicine is followed in Siddha System of Medicine from long time.

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