Top Five Activities to be relished during Rajasthan Tours

Rajasthan- the desert land and the largest state of India, invites people all around the world for the most refined all-round touring bewilderment. Definitely, there is no doubt about it why Rajasthan is being considered as the tourist hub for most of the heritage, culture and wildlife lovers. Since, it is the only land in India that represents indefinite amount of attractions for complete touring activities. From heritage buildings to high-end majestic forts, stupendous spellbound palaces to the limitless lush reserve surroundings, Rajasthan tour brings many typical and featured parts for a fantastic experience.

Rajasthan, popularly known as “The land of kings” as many attractions for the tourists. Photo from Flickr

Apart from the heritage tours, the major fairs and festivals of Rajasthan and the camel safari bring much charm to the Rajasthan tourism. Let us explore five fascinating activities to be enjoyed during the Rajasthan tours; the days spend at this desert land will surely be more benevolent.

1. Rajasthan Desert (Camel) Safari
The land of the deserts Rajasthan has many attractions filled with golden sand dunes at different locations. Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur are some of the most astonishing places that bring many desert safari options and fabulous camel rides for the tourists. Here tourists can have the best night stay to enjoy the folk music, dances, camping. Since camel is the ship of the desert and knows every corners of it so a ride to it can really bring some good energy to you.

2. Desert Camping
Camping in the deserts brings some good reasons to enjoy the rural life of Rajasthan. If you really want to feel the cold desert breeze at night, camping in different deserts of Rajasthan is the perfect idea. These camping options are being stuffed with good residing facilities (tents) along with some basic amenities. You can also enjoy camp firing at the sand dunes shines along with folk music and dances.

3. Rajasthan Shopping
Shopping is yet another charming activity that can be treated well by the tourists. Since the markets of Rajasthan is being stuffed and decorated with all the traditional things that captivate you much more. The traditional attires, jewelries, accessories and handicraft materials are unmatchable anywhere in the world. In Jaipur, Johri Bazaar, Tripolia Bazaar and Bapu Bazaar is the main hub for shopping, Bikaner which is famous for traditional footwear, wool carpet, blanket, light cotton quilts around Kote Gate is the major attraction. In Jaisalmer, you can find woolen and cotton rugs and blankets, embroidered fabrics, silver jewelry and trinkets. Shekhawati brings for you the low-legged Shekhawati chair, wood carving and metal utensils, made -as-old furniture and tie-dye fabrics.

4. Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan
Rajasthan is best known for celebrating fairs & festivals at its different regions out of which the annual Pushkar Fair brings much attention to all which is waiting for you in the coming days, in the month of November (in Kartik Purnima). It is the occasion when the Hindu people pay their homage to one and only Brahma temple and on the other hand large amount of camel and cattle trading are organized.

Along with that the desert festival, Gangaur festival, Marwar and Teez festival is the most celebrated attractions of Rajasthan which can be enjoyed completely both by the locals and the tourists.

5. Rajasthan Wildlife
Rajasthan is the land where the desert rules but it is also a land where some parts are being filled with natureโ€™s blissful greenery and dense jungles where the wilderness rules. With Rajasthan wildlife tours, you can come out with various species of wild animals especially the Indian tigers. Ranthambore, Sariska and Desert national parks are the best part of wildlife tours in Rajasthan for unforgettable tiger tours. Besides at Bharatpur you can explore around 400 species of birds including the migratory species for amazing birding tour throughout the season specifically during winters.


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  1. Good info about how to spend time in Rajasthan, I never tried camel ride, hopefully Iโ€™ll travel to Rajasthan and try it.

    • Shubhanshi says:

      Camel Safari in Deserts and Desert camping both are the best activities which can be explored in Rajasthan. You must experience both activities during Rajasthan travel.

  2. Great article. I’ll pass it to one of my friend who is planning to visit North India soon.

  3. Very informative details about Rajasthan, I had a Camel ride during my trip to Rajasthan some time back.

  4. Great info, is Rajasthan is the popular tourist spot in India? I have been reading lot about Kerala, it would be nice if you can write about Kerala too.

    • Shubhanshi says:

      Yes Rubye,

      Rajasthan is one of the most popular destinations for tourism in India. In fact it is known as “land of Kings” just because of its various historical monuments and royal tradition. This is the best time to visit in Rajasthan to explore the real culture of this Rajputana state because the famous camel festival in one of its well known cities Bikaner is going to start on 26th of January.Don’t worry I would definitely write about Kerala also. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi, I do think this is an excellent blog. I found it in stumbledupon. I’ll forward your recommendations to one of my friend who is planning to visit Rajasthan this year.

    • Shubhanshi says:

      Thanks a ton Terry ๐Ÿ™‚

      Please stumble it also, so that everybody who is planning to visit Rajasthan would get some help in knowing about the destination.

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