Tontongay – The singing stone trek from Samsing

Samsing in North Bengal is often considered as a best spot for rehabilitation from all the urbanized addictions that gradually make you feel like you’re living a robotic life, all based on the feed memories and stringently set parameters. You can neither cross it nor lag behind. So a glimpsed stay at Samsing can be treated as a prescribed medication of Dr Nature to heal your state of mind and again gain the momentum, in the same way. Apart from your mere stay in the luxurious wooden rooms of Samsing, it also has a space for more intense enthusiasts who want to explore the depths of the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

So, this article may perhaps be the first revelation of Samsing’s never before explored beauty of nature – Tongtongay. Now the name may seem hilarious or a bit bewildered, Tongtongay is precisely not the name of a place or an animal but a huge stone that when banged with a wood gives out the sound of a bell – Tong !. Therefore the stone is named as Tongtongay and also the place. However, not every one can have the privilege to hold the wooden bat and bang on it, as the stone is located nearly at the altitude of 2500 mt above the sea level and is in the most dense part of the huge forest of Samsing. Without a local guide you may never be able to find it in the jungle and in your endeavor there are even chances that you may be lost in the jungle.

You have to spend three nights in dense forest that will give you the most adventurous feeling of a night in Jungle to reach the place. The natural forest and the freshwater streams on your way will set the most unforgettable memories in your mind and the tented night halt on the bank of infant Murti river with its cold breeze hitting the walls of the canvas walls of the tent will give you the intense adventurous feeling of jungle. The way is not perfectly a trek route but a trail used by the nomadic cowboys who spend half of their life staying in the jungle with their only friends –cows and goats. So the only human faces you may find are the cowboys who can be found playing melodious tune in their flute in their cozy cowsheds. The hot salty tea with 80% pure milk and only 20% water in their cow sheds will not only quench your appetite of tea but also your hunger. These men worship every petite part of the Jungle and insist you to be a silent watcher rather than like an intruder.

After your first night’s halt you can reach the stone the next day but in the evening. Therefore you can put your tents and rather enjoy the beauty in the next morning. The stone is nearly 70-100 feet tall and it has seven pot holes in its walls. The pot holes are perfectly rounded and seems like some clay artisan has used his wheel to give it a round inner shape of a clay pot. The holes are big enough for an adult to get in sit in a position of a baby inside a womb. When you bang the inner wall of the holes with a wooden bat, an echoing sound of a bell can be heard, because of which the stone is named as Tongtongay. The most appealing part of Tontongay trek is to discover the stone amidst the most dense part of the jungle with its amazing pot holes.

Therefore, if you really want to test your physical perseverance and gain the intense adventure of the real flora and fauna of Samsing, you can plan your next trip to Samsing to explore the most unexplored places of Samsing- Tonotongay, the singing stone.

Author: Babit


  1. Subbu Narayanan says:

    Your right Babit, haven never heard of Samsing. It does sound very interesting!
    How far is it from Silguri? Do we need to seek permission fro local authorities for a 3-day trek?

  2. I can arrange that for you…besides you have to stay at samsing for first night …it is 92 kms from siliguri

  3. Please let me know what you charge for the trekking-expedition(Budget trip)?What is the level of the trek?
    I am from Siliguri and can reach Samsing by my own.Please email me the same at [email protected] you.

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