Therapeutics in Siddha Vaidya

The tradition of Siddha Vaidya is the oldest documented medical science in the world with several hundreds of formulations and active pharmacological information and knowledge of treating various ailments.

The materia medica of the Siddha system treasures a collection of information regarding plant, animal and mineral matter which had been experimented and reexamined over several thousands of years. It is a treasure trove for all mankind and should be made available to all humanity.

Most of the therapeutic aspect of Siddha Vaidya is simple to grasp and follow, though some of the methods of working formulae are not understood till to date.

The value of Siddha Vaidya far exceeds the current western evaluation of many alternative medical sciences due to the many modalities employed for prevention and therapeutics.

The wisdom built by Siddha Vaidya is based on careful observation of nature. Many external and internal therapies cleverly utilize the Siddha knowledge of healing mechanisms and controlling the power of the body’s immune responses.

Process of Healing in Therapeutics
• Siddha Vaidya usually employs the macromolecules and inorganic molecules offered by plants to substitute or balance the need for similar molecules in the human body.
• In some instances, Siddha medicines act as a switch, triggering biochemical functions. Another action of these formulas is in regulating the rate of biochemical reactions and modulating the end-products.
• Other avenues of healing are opened by triggering changes in the cascade and cyclical systems in the human biochemical workings through which changes are made at multiple levels.
• The cumulative reaction sat these individual levels account for therapeutic activities of complex Siddha formulas consisting of hundreds of plants and plant products.
• External therapies play an equal part in therapeutics and in the internal remedies.
• Siddha Vaidya has long recognized that human skin is a valuable site for drug delivery, the skin being the largest organ of our bodies.
• This made it possible for the evolution of 32 different types of remedies for external application. Some of these are combined with massages and steam application.
• Very high heat when applied for very a short time will enable the delivery of therapeutic molecules to the target region of the body, when the macromolecules were unable to penetrate the skin due to some cause.
• The medium used in the manufacture of specific formulas determines certain combinations that are absorbed and which are not.
• For example the oil-soluble aspects of the plant ingredients are absorbed into the base oil, while the insoluble parts are not absorbed, when this specific oil is applied over the skin, only ingredients that the base oil takes up can be delivered.
• The same plant combination when used with alcohol, water, or milk, the results vary or may entirely a different end result.

Skin as site for therapeutics
• Skin is a neuro-endocrine tissue that shows cases the health of the physical body.
• Skin is made up of tissue types like connective, soft tissue that is capable of producing active macro molecules like neuro transmitters and neuro peptides, including neuro-endocrine tissue.
• Skin is like a substratum where nervous, immune, cutaneous and endocrinal systems have several functions to perform.
• The common neuro- transmitter, Acetylcholine, is synthesized in dermal extra-neuronal sites like melanocytes, fibroblasts, endothelial cells and immune cells.
• Production of structural proteins, glycans, lipids and other signaling molecules also take place in the skin. Some stimulating sites in the skin can trigger the production and release of neuro-transmitters neuro-peptides and various hormones.
• In the same way the neural connections of the skin, the connection between the brain and the skin, play vital role in inflammation, repair, cellular proliferation and healing. For example, the thyroid gland is situated directly below the skin, so that it is easily accessible to external simulations.
• Siddha Vaidya uses skin as an organ of absorption and a site of induction.
• The herbal and herbo-mineral remedies are applied over the skin, which acts as an absorptive area.
• In the same way when physical entities such as pressure or heat are externally applied, the skin acts as an area of therapeutic induction.

Other areas used for the Therapeutics
• Other physical body parts like mucus membranes of the nose, sinus, lungs, vagina, urethra and urinary bladder are some of the sites of therapeutic interactions.
• For example the herbal smoke using herbal products can be used as anti-asthmatics to the lungs.
• The herbal smoke application is also used over the hair and scalp to relax the mind and body.
Importance of using animate products in Therapeutics:
• Siddha Vaidya recommends the use of formulas containing plant products and animal products as primary health care.
• These herbal products are made up of all five elements. Hence are capable of vital force, meaning the products can balance the ratio of all the five elements in the human body.
• Siddha Vaidya therapeutics prefers plant- and animal-derived formulas over the metal- and mineral-based formulae in spite of the powerful actions of the later because of the five element theory.
• Siddha Vaidya uses thousands of plants and plant products in addition to hundreds of animal products. There is a probability of about 300,000 possible herbal formulas in Siddha Vaidya.
• The use of metals and minerals in medicine was justified by the fact that they do not decompose and are made up only one element.
• The shelf life of medicines prepared from minerals ranges from years to centuries to infinity. Minerals used as medicines thus preserve the body from decomposition.
• The inanimate formulations can produce both beneficial and adverse effects, so the mineral and metal formulations are always accompanied by herbal formulations which re-balance any possible adverse effects.
• The usage of metals and minerals were used when the perennial and herbs were not available year-round.

Author: vijayalakshmi kuchimanchi

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