The uses of Curry Leaf powder

Curry Leaf powder is one of the common ingredients that are used in the kitchen to cook various kinds of foods. There are many recipes that cannot be completed without this powder. The foods can get extra taste and flavor if you add it in right time and proper quantity. Curry leaf powder is totally different from curry powder. Some particular ingredients are needed to prepare curry leaf powder. These are 2 cups of fresh curry leaves, ½ cups of urad dal, 1 table spoon of cumin seeds, 2 tbsp of coriander seeds, 6 red chillies,  ½ tsp of fenugreek, 1 tsp of peppercorns, 6 garlic flakes and some salt.

First of all you need to take wash curry leaves properly and make them dried. Pour a tsp of oil on heated pan and fry the curry leaves on medium heat. Transfer these leaves to another bowl once they turn crispy. Fry urad dhal and channa dhal with the remaining oil in the pan and remove from pan after becoming brown in color. Fry red chillies just for 2 minutes and add cumin seeds for few minutes. Allow all these ingredients to cool. Grind all of them to a coarse powder. Add salt in it and store in an airtight container. Now you can use this curry leaf powder whenever you want.

Buying tips
You can get readymade curry leaf powder that is made by many manufacturers. Be very careful and conscious while purchasing this powder. It is best to buy it from a branded and reputed manufacturer. Make it sure that the powder you are going to purchase is free from any harmful ingredients. If you are well-known about the actual smell of this powder then check it before buying. You can get a good flavor from a good quality curry leaf powder. When you are buying curry leaves you should make sure that these are fresh and do not have blemishes, spots and cuts. Go for selecting the leaves that are dark green and pale green.

Culinary usage

  • Curry leaves are used in most of the kitchens in India, Sri Lanka and many other countries. To temper recipes these leaves are used in Indian cuisine.
  • Use torn or whole curry leaves as tempering agent for dhoklas, chutneys, sambhar, rasams, and dals.
  • To flavor upmas chopped curry leaves can be used with ginger and green chillies.
  • Roasted curry leaves with urad dal, asafetida, and red chillies can be made as powders and spicy chutney. These are very tasty and can have with steamed rice and sesame oil.
  • In many south Indian dishes curry leaves play an important role.

You can store curry leaves for a long period of time. You should take proper care while keeping it. First of all wash these leaves in plenty of water. Allow them to be dried properly. Take a clean and dry container and store the leaves in it. The lid should be closed properly. Store this container in a refrigerator. After using curry leaves you need to store it again in refrigerator only.

Medicinal values
Curry leaf powder is made from curry leaf which has great medicinal values. Many kinds of physical problems can be cured if curry leaves are eaten in daily basis.

  • The curry leaves can prevent hair loss problem effectively. There are millions of people who are suffering from this problem nowadays. The roots of hairs can be strong enough after the liberal consumption of it. According to the health expert, this leaf can stop the premature graying of hair.
  • Taking the juice of fresh curry leaves can be one of the best treatments to cure certain eye disorders. It can create positive effects on eyesight also.
  • Those who have diabetes because of heredity factors should eat ten curry leaves in every morning for three months continuously. Side by side the weight reducing properties that are present in curry leaves can cure diabetes due to obesity.
  • An effective hair tonic can be made with curry leaves and coconut oil. Boil them for a particular period of time to make this tonic that can enhance the hair growth. The natural pigmentation can be retained if using this tonic in daily basis.
  • In unani and ayurvedic treatment these leaves are used for many years. To fight against piles, blood disorders, leucoderma it can be very useful ingredients.
  • Such conditions like stomach upset and nausea can be prevented with curry leaf.
  • To treat poisonous bites and skin irritations it is very preventive.
  • The people who are suffering from constipation should soak curry leaves in hot water and drink it with a spoon of honey. If any pregnant mother gets attacked by nausea, she should make a mixture of 2 teaspoon of lime, 1teaspoon of fresh curry leaves and 1 teaspoon of sugar. This mixture should be taken in every morning.
  • Curry leaves are very much useful to get healthy and beautiful skin.

Where to buy in US
You can get both curry leaves and curry leaves powder in many grocer stores in US. Go to supermarket where you can get a good grocer store and purchase this powder. Side by side you have to be very careful while purchasing curry leaves.

Nutritional and dietary information
Curry leaves have many kinds of useful nutrients that can create positive effects on human body.

  • It has vitamin A and vitamin B.
  • It has calcium.
  • It contains fiber and iron.
  • Protein, glycosides, and amino acids are present in it.

Curry leaves powder actually comes from curry leaves. The curry leaves are very useful ingredient for the recipes of India and many other countries in Asia. It is not only well-known for culinary usage, but also has medicinal values. It is used from the ancient times. You should take little bit care while purchasing it and storing it.

Nutrition Facts
Servings Size 2 ts
Calories from Fat 0.6
Calories 5.1
Total Carbohydrate 0.7g
Sugars 0.4g
Protein 1%
Vitamin C 1%
Calcium 4%
Iron 2%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because it has not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.



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