The Theme of Yoga

The main theme of Yog Shashtra is based on achieving Atmaa Saakshatkara (the realization of an individual’s self) and Ekagritaa (utter control over the mind).

Though it may sound a bit easier, actually the task to attain the self-realization and control over mind is very difficult. The sage Patanjali says that this can be achieved only with systematic way of living, disciplined behavior and forgiving nature. Especially in today’s materialistic world where jealousy, dishonesty, discrimination, injustice, humiliation, torture, betrayal is quite common, finding the way for salvation and divine yoga is illusive. Ancient science like Ayurveda believes that mainly because of too tamasik food, improper lifestyle, excessive workload (and so the stress and depression), junk/canned or packed food, too spicy and oily food and other present day factors deteriorate the state of mind that then starts thinking negative and commits crime.

The theme of Yoga is to provide serene life with peace of mind. The person who regularly performs yoga and such holistic exercises is expected to have balanced body, mind and soul (homeostasis). The yoga practitioner thinks positive and is full of zeal. There is no hint of cowardliness, dishonesty, peevishness, betrayal or dishonor. The person lives happily and let others live too. The aim of divine yoga is to offer healthy life not only in terms of diseases free body but also calmer mind with positive attitude.

The founder of Yoga, Sage Patanjali states in his holy book of ‘Hatha Yoga Darshana’ about eight-fold path of Yog that helps to achieve holistic life and then salvation…

Eight fold path

1. Yama (self-discipline)
2. Niyama (the rules)
3. Aasanas (the yoga postures)
4. Pranayama (special regulated breathing techniques)
5. Pratyaahara (sense detachment)
6. Dharana (eternal journey or inner abstraction)
7. Dhyana (meditation) and
8. Samadhi (salvation or the state of bliss)

The beauty of these eight fold path as envisaged by Sage Patanjali is universal commandants advised to all human beings have been included in holy scripture of Yoga Shashtra. Said this, the theme of Yog is not just special postures or physical concept but is lot more than that.

A person who practices eight fold paths as stated in Hatha Yoga Darshana achieves best health, wealth and prosperity. The body gets an all new energy and the cycle of aging is delayed significantly. Practicing pranayama (especially Anulom-Vilom) helps in keeping the intestines healthier as they rejuvenate the gut and restore the peristalsis movements of the digestive track. The good health of intestines results in better absorption on vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Also, the microorganisms present in the food and the toxic substances (including harmful acids) secreted by them can be effectively neutralized. The theme of yoga is based on practicing a few hours of holistic exercises but getting the practitioner a lifelong health.

Author: Dr Maulik Vyas

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