The mystic charm of the spring season

The country India is celebrated round the world for the beauty it exhibits during the beautiful spring season. It is during this time that the Mother Nature offers a feast to each and every individual as well as birds and animals. During this time there is the presence of the supreme bliss, which is the reason a plethora of harvest festivals falls during this quarter. The festivals are not restricted to a particular corner or the state of the country instead the entire country rejoices with the festive mood. Go through this article to learn about the various festivals’ pleasures found during the spring in the various parts of the country. Here goes the list:


  • The harvest festivals of Northern India

The Northern India harvests mainly wheat on the onset of spring, which is usually the month of February or March. It is only during spring that the individuals indulge in huge celebrations of the festival of ‘Holi’, which is celebrated as the harvest festival of the Hindu community. The various individuals from each and every age bracket pull a pun on the ‘desi ways’ by completely indulging in the theme of the season.

The people of Punjab celebrate the festival of ‘Lohri’ and ‘Baisakhi’ to celebrate the harvesting of the fully grown crops. In the regions of the Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the harvesting festival is celebrated in the form of the ‘Sakranti’.

  • The harvest festivals of Southern India

‘Onam’ is the peripheral harvesting festival celebrated by the people of the southern parts of India. This is a thanksgiving festival where the people clean up their home and the little bundle of joy ventures out to collect flowers. Due to the onset of spring the floral decoration during this festival is something which can act as a visual treat to the onlookers.

‘Pongal’ is the festival of the harvest which is celebrated in the regions of the Tamil Nadu. It is a four day festival where the newly plucked rice crop is cooked in a traditional manner and has a charm of auspiciousness attached with it.

In Karnataka, the festival is named as ‘Sanskriti’ and is celebrated with full valor. It is similar to the festival of Pongal. The cattle are decorated with a great flair and receive the feast in the form of the newly cooked rice. The festival of ‘Puthari’ marks the harvesting festival for the people who dwell in the Coorg region of the Karnataka. This festival is glorified with a number of folk songs as well as dances.

  • The harvest festival of Eastern India

For the folks who reside in East India holi is considered as an auspicious harvesting festival. The festival is celebrated with people coloring each other in the shades of the blue and red. Spring beings the epitome of love and provides the people to rejoice the love stories of Lord Krishna and Radha. The processions are held through the street with the images of the Lord beautified with the floral decorations.

India is a country where the people surely know how to welcome each and every season. The festivals which began with the onset of the spring season is certainly an epitome of this thought.

Author: Preeti

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