The flowery Ecstasy: Srinagar’s Tulip Garden

Come spring and every nook and corner of Srinagar and its adjoining valleys are sprawled with colorful flowers. Such wide range of flowers and such magnificent size of the bloom that these beauties simply enchants everyone. One such place in Srinagar where one can enjoy the beautiful and glamorous bloom of tulips is the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, Srinagar.


After getting captivated by the grandness of Dal Lake when one moves toward Chashmeshahi, this tulip garden is beautifully located on the foothills of Zabarwan hills.


When one enters the garden one simply gets spellbound by the variety of tulips grown in the vast area of 12 hectares. It resembles a field but when one sees the tulips blooming it brings a smile on everyone’s face.

One can visit this garden from March end to April end. These exotic flowers generally bloom for very less time as increase in temperature are not favorable for them. So the window to observe these attractions is very less. It is recommended to visit in first part of the cycle i.e March and April begin otherwise one will be at loss to admire the full bloom of all the varieties.

Not just famous for the tulips one can enjoy other variety of flowers in this garden. The whole experience of visiting this tulip garden is full of piousness and is relaxing. With colors and beauty around it contends the heart that we live in the world full of beauty around.

While walking around the garden admiring the shades of colors in the tulip’s petals I came across this lovely tree that pulled me to come near it and admire the blooms on the trees. It is indeed bliss to see that even trees around are offering such lovely clusters to cherish.


One has to be there at the Indira Gandhi Tulip garden to see and experience the beauty of the tulips and other enchanting flowers in the garden. The entry to the garden is just Rs 50 for adults and Rs 20 for kids. Get yourself clicked with these enticing blooms or simply click the grandeur of these flowers, I bet that the visit to the Tulip garden in Srinagar is going to remain in your senses forever to admire and revere.

Author: Resham Virk

Resham virk has served as a Captain in the Indian army for 5 years and has explored the best parts of India while in the Army. Daughter and wife of an Army officer, her tryst with Indian cultures and heritage is still not complete. She has been part of the retail industry as the Inventory controller of Walmart India stores but presently she is a full time homemaker satiating her desire to explore new things, places and to pen down so as to share.


  1. beautiful tulips, I would definitely plan to visit this place if I get a chance to visit Shrinagar.

  2. Beautiful flowers, I never visited Srinagar but one of these days I’ll visit and explore the entire Kashmir region.

    • Resham Virk says:

      Yes, kashmir should be on the places to visit list and I assure you that it will have a mesmerizing effect on you and your soul. These pictures were taken last year and I was late in visiting the garden. So lesser blooms. I am planning to go this year too. So will update this blog with some more pics.

  3. Pam Brown says:

    Beautiful flowers, Kashmir is truly “PARADISE ON EARTH”

  4. Very nice photos, I read about Kashmir, but never visited it. Sure I’ll visit Kashmir one of these days.

  5. Beautiful photos of Srinagar’s Tulip Garden.

  6. Christina Sarich says:

    This place is gorgeous. I’m so happy to see such beautiful gardens in rural India.

  7. Shrishti says:

    Beautiful Tulips, after watching such beautiful tulip photos one would definitely think of visiting the Tulip garden of Shrinagar.

  8. ….. and I thought to see Tulips like these one has to go to Amsterdam.
    Lovely pictures and details about the place.

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