The Ayurvedic aspect of Dairy Products

The dairy products such as the milk, egg and yogurt possess the attribute of being building in the nature and thus take more energy in the digestion of the food. This article is penned down to make the readers acquaint with some of the intriguing recipes for dairy products which are lighter as well as easier in terms of preparation. Have a look:

Cheese's salty aspect poses problems for the Kapha and Pitta. Image courtesy Flickr Cheese’s salty aspect poses problems for the Kapha and Pitta. Image courtesy Flickr

Although the hard cheese seems to be quite delicious but one cannot negate the fact that it is way too cumbersome in terms of the digestion. Its salty aspect poses problems for the Kapha and Pitta and the inherent heaviness present in it makes it troublesome even for the Vata constitution. Many say that the hard cheese is tasty as well as easy to digest. But this is true for those generations of individual who have indulged in the treat of the hard cheese since centuries. Also to note that whenever it is served it is mostly on occasions and that also with a splash of the warm spices such as the fresh basil leaves, chili and pepper. This is one of the reasons for adding raw onions to the delicatessen style sandwiches. Therefore, you require to intake something hot so as to get along with the Agni (fire) caused by the hard cheese.

Ayurveda comprises of a concept named okasatmya which is a term used for the description of the diets as well as the lifestyles which are harmless to the body through the habitual and regular use. Hard cheese not being a regular feature of the Indian cuisine is not given a fair shake by the Ayurveda also. These are the best elements for grounding the Vatas.

The sour cream being hot, heavy and sour in terms of taste is considered good for calming down the occasional baked potato. The Ayurveda does not recommend the use of the evaporated milk. Ice cream is worse for the Kapha but is not that bad as far as the Pitta is concerned. However, the Vatta finds the ice cream quite chilly. The frozen yogurt carries the similar quality as the ice cream barring the fact that it carries less of the fat.

Buttermilk is sweet, sour and light. The regular usage of the fresh buttermilk is good for the intestines and even aids in alleviating the hemorrhoids. It is calming for the Vatas and good for the Pittas if used in the diluted form.

Ghee is of immense value in the Ayurvedic healing. It portrays the role of the elixir and rejuvenator. By blending it with milk it becomes restorative for the Pitta and Vata.

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  1. Interesting post on dairy products..

  2. I know milk is an integral aspect of Ayurveda, I didn’t know all dairy products has great medicinal values. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Shrishti says:

    It is interesting to know about the medicinal values of Dairy products.

  4. Christina Sarich says:

    Do cheeses cause more phlegm (acidity) in the body, in general, even if they are goat’s milk as opposed to cow’s milk? Do any ayurvedic doctors know?

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    Interesting facts about Dairy products from Ayurveda perspective,

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