Visiting Pandavlen Caves, (Trirashmi Caves or Buddha Caves)

If you have ever yearned to understand the peace which the Buddha himself found, sitting beneath the Bodhi tree over 2500 years ago, then the caves at Pandavleni, at the top of a rocky hill, are perhaps one of the closest remaining inspirations to such tranquility of mind. Used as a place to teach the Buddha’s dharma, and built around 100 B.C., as dated with carbon dating technology, they are as old as the Karla Caves, both being built during the Satavahana dynasty. These caves have the energy of peace carved into their very structure. [Read more…]

Balancing our Lives with the Koshas

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, the body is made up of many subtle layers called koshas in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the ancient language of India and is also known as the sacred language. These sheaths are layers of the body that when functioning at a healthy level work to keep our physical vessel and our mental condition in optimal health. [Read more…]