Nadi Shastra in Siddha Medicine

Siddha medicine is one of ancient and spiritually enriched traditional medicine systems. Through their well-researched and technically advanced medicine formulations, methods of treatment and alchemy the Siddhars, thousands of years ago devised a system which is effective till date. The Siddha system aims at not only treatment of the disease through therapy but also healing of the mind and instilling spirituality in the physical being. [Read more…]

How important is it to “Eat with the season”?

The change of seasons brings with them the balances, as well as imbalances of the constitutions. The astute shifts in the lifestyle as well as diets can relieve as well as mitigate the changes. For instance, when one moves from the scorching heat to the cool nights, one move from a Pittadominated season to a Vata dominated one. [Read more…]