10 Must Visits for the Indian Foodie

India offers a great gastronomical fare to the average traveler. Foreigners coming to India have praised the Indian cuisine and have repeatedly claimed that the country is a paradise for anyone looking to experience a medley of flavors and culinary textures. Indian foodies too have earmarked destinations over the year where they swear by the food. Here are our top picks in the country. [Read more…]

Indian “Chaat” Delicacies

An Indian savory that is sure to tickle your taste buds is the Indian Chaat. It is a road side snack that is relished more while standing on a roadside cart or a stall. Popularly known as the “Paani Poori” it is relished as if there is no tomorrow and it is the last time one is eating the delicacy. There are many variations to the original chaat but whatever the chaat form would be the taste lingers on in your senses for long. [Read more…]

Things to do in Kerala – Eat street food at a Thattukada

Eating food from a Kerala Thattukada is allowing yourself to freely mingle and blend with the Kerala food culture although you may not want to try it if you suffer a sensitive stomach. For us foodies, years of experimenting with food has immunized us enough to be able to try street food almost anywhere in India. And in Kerala, true local flavors at the cheapest prices are mostly available at these roadside carts that are locally referred to as thattukadas. [Read more…]

Yummy Kolkata Street Food

Kolkata- the city of joy is actually a place where you will find an abundance of joy amidst all atrocities. It’s because people here know how to keep themselves and others happy. Among all other recipes of joy and laughter, the main being our food. Yes the Kolkatans know very well that a way to a man’s ( women are no exception) heart is through food. [Read more…]

Syrupy Jalebi – Dessert of all seasons

It is raining Jalebis!!!! Jalebi is an Indian sweet that is especially popular during monsoons. [Read more…]