Ramkund, Nashik: Pooja, Pollution & Responsible Tourism

A tank of heavenly water built by Chitrarao Khatarkar about 12 meters by 27 meters wide, and built over 300 years ago, is the site for many spiritual seekers desirous of cleansing their karma with a dip in heavenly waters.  There are numerous sites in India, (called ghats) where pilgrims can bathe piously or send their ashes into holy waters so that they can cleanse their subtle bodies’ remains. A very important place for this tradition is Panchavati in Ramkund, India. [Read more…]

McLeodganj – A confluence of spirituality and religion

The residence to one of the most popular spiritual leaders in the world, Dalai Lama, McLeodganj has emerged as the center of Tibetan Buddhism and also as capital of the Tibetan Government –in – exile. Dharamsala provides the relaxing and resting space for the Hindu and the Buddhist spiritual seekers. [Read more…]