Nadi Shastra in Siddha Medicine

Siddha medicine is one of ancient and spiritually enriched traditional medicine systems. Through their well-researched and technically advanced medicine formulations, methods of treatment and alchemy the Siddhars, thousands of years ago devised a system which is effective till date. The Siddha system aims at not only treatment of the disease through therapy but also healing of the mind and instilling spirituality in the physical being. [Read more…]

Siddha medicine of the “Tamils”

Siddha medicine can very well be called a medicine that is “eternally perfect.” Siddha medicine system is oldest medicine system in India which developed in and is widely practiced in South India especially Tamilnadu. [Read more…]

Kayakalpam: Live long naturally!

(Top 10 herbs for a long life-I)

Siddha system is not just a medical science but a way of life which has brought unity, peace and harmony on earth. It originates from the Saivite philosophy and is the oldest medicine system prevalent in India. Out of the five branches in which Siddha System of Medicine claims to have expertise in, Kayakalpam is the most sought after. [Read more…]

Saivism and Siddha

Siddha traditional medicine system which has a Dravidian origin basically incorporates three healing therapies in its holistic Siddha therapy: [Read more…]

Siddha Vaidya-Chemistry

Chemistry can be defined as the science that relates to the peculiar properties of matter of the elementary substances, the proportions of elements combinations, methods of separation, the laws which govern and affect them; a simpler definition can be the Anatomy of natural bodies by fire. Chemistry had been found developed into a Science auxiliary to medicine and Alchemy in Siddha Vaidya. [Read more…]

Treatments in Siddha Vaidya

The actual treatments are many in ancient Siddha Vaidya health practices, all the treatments use herbs or herbal oils which are in specific combinations caters to the requirements and nature of the individual. [Read more…]