Kirkee War cemetery in Pune

War is something that leaves scars in everybody’s life .Though our planet has had two World Wars it does seem that we have not yet learned the lessons or the  ill effects of a war. [Read more…]

The untold story of Sinhagad – Pune

I remembered the two famous lines Har Har Mahadeo (Hail our Lord – Mahadeo meaning the Hindu God Shiva) the war cry of the Maratha army and Gad aala pan sinha gela – We gained the fort but lost the lion when my husband asked me to accompany him to the famous fort of the Marathas (warrior caste in Maharashtra) – Sinhagad (Lion’s fort) [Read more…]

Driving into the clouds

Have been living on this side of the ghats for the last 40 years but I am always fascinated by the western ghats whenever I cross them to reach Mumbai. [Read more…]

Skilled artisans on the Indian streets

A simple wooden frame is all that he has. An old cycle rim is fixed in the center of it which is connected to a foot operated pedal. A thick cord acts as a belt that drives the stone wheel. His knife sharpening instrument is ready. [Read more…]

Palkhi-Unusual Indian festival

India is a melting pot of many cultures and religions. There is no end to the chain of festivities through the year. Most festivals follow the usual routine of performing religious rituals to a deity at home or in a temple close by. But an unusual festival in Pune, called Palkhi, tests the faith of followers, who walk 250 km to reach a temple in another town. [Read more…]

Panchgani-Scienic hill station in Maharashtra

I stay about 100 kms away from this wonderful place and that explains my frequent visit to Panchgani. Have visited the place seven or eight times in the last three decades. [Read more…]

Ganesh Chaturthi festival-Pune

When I was a kid I used to always hum the tune Come September as that was a popular number then. [Read more…]

Zadipatti: Rural India’s Broadway

An elaborate cast, seasoned actors, exacting audiences. [Read more…]