Yogurt Rice – Perfect for Vata Constitution!

Having immense relieving effects on the digestive tracts of human beings, yogurt is a dairy ingredient, best suited for Vata prakruti people. Can be taken by Pitta constitution individuals- when a little diluted and by Kapha prakruti individuals- even more diluted. Low in fat content, yogurt clubbed with warm spices, has even more magical effects on the process of digestion. A cup of yogurt after a meal can help you fight indigestion or overeating. [Read more…]

Ayurveda Recipe – Tangy Okra Curry

Ayurveda imparts emphasis on consumption of curries to keep healthy. Curries have a lot of nutritional value and help in stimulation your digestion process due to the presence of various spices and herbs. [Read more…]

Nutritional Needs of Kapha Constitution

Strength, stamina and endurance are the buzz words of the Kapha constitution. The elements of water and earth and the attributes such as faith, grounded, calm, lubrication and fluidity are fundamentally associated with Kapha. The Kaphas are very good at formulating as well as following a routine, once established. The chances of a Kapha getting stuck in a rut are quite minimal. The presence of fluid and soft muscles as well as a lubricated skin often denotes Kapha in kids. The traits of this constitution get reduced with the growing age. [Read more…]

Nutritional Needs of Pitta Constitution

Ascertaining one’s constitution is often a tedious task. Although there are only three constitutions present, but the attributes dedicated to one are often found in the other constitution. This makes the process for determining the constitution cumbersome. People get highly intrigued whenever they get acquainted with the fact that there is also the presence of dual constitutions, where an individual is born with the attributes of more than one constitution. [Read more…]

Know your “prakruti”- discover your constitution

Prakruti in a nutshell is defined in Ayurveda as the energy combination which a human being brings with him at the time of his birth. The other name for the prakruti is the innate constitution. [Read more…]

Nutritional Needs of Vata Constitution

The descriptions of the different constitutions are so overlapping that at times it becomes cumbersome for individuals to ascertain with the determination, as to which constitution do they belong. Vatas are usually fast, light, wiry and creative ones, who always have a soft corner for the warm climes. There is also the presence of cases in the universe where one individual is born with a combination of dual constitutions, or with the prominence of two doshas. For instance, an individual falling under the Vata-Pitta is adept at reacting quickly with a profusion of imaginative power and mental energy. [Read more…]