Lotus – It’s Cultural And Medicinal Significance

Lotus signifies the cultural heritage – having spiritual , ornamental and medicinal value . It is the national flower of India . In Ayurveda it’s medicinal properties are described in detail. [Read more…]

The Magnificent Flame of the Forest- Palaash- Butea monosperma

Couple of weeks back, I saw a sudden flash of bright orange amidst a heat scorched patch of thicket near my Ayurveda institute in Bangalore. I felt overjoyed to see one of my favorite trees in full bloom and at the peak of its glory. It was PalaashButea monosperma tree. Its slender frame loaded with thick bunches of fiery, red-orange flowers, shaped like a parrot’s beak! [Read more…]

Ten Reasons to have Ghee (Clarified Butter) in your Kitchen

Ghee(Clarified butter) has always occupied the center stage of Indian tradition and Indian cuisine since time immemorial. It has been regarded as an auspicious element that draws positive energies into the household and our lives. Ghee has been used for thousands of years for the Vedic Practice of Agnihotra – offerings made to Agni Dev– the God of Fire every day during sunrise and sunset for welcoming positive energies, prosperity and tranquility into the household. A staple in Indian cuisine, Ghee has a hoard of health benefits. [Read more…]