Floral white-work of India: Chikankari

The beautiful “white on white” hand embroidery is a handicraft hailing from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. There is a long line of chikankari exponents who are promoting the craftsmanship. Entire families are involved in the chikankari work and the skill is delineated from father to daughter and previous generations to the upcoming ones. The girls and the boys in the chikankari families start embroidery as early as 11 years of age and by the time they reach adulthood their skill set is also promoted from creating ‘kurtas’, ‘topis’ and ‘angarkhas’ to Saris, fabrics for churidars and the latest in fashion! [Read more…]

Life on water – The Dal Lake

The Dal Lake is the heart of Srinagar, the center of all life prevailing. The beauty, the vibrancy and cultural radiance at Dal Lake encompasses within itself a life which boasts to be unique anywhere in the world. [Read more…]

Evolution of Islamic Architecture in the North India

Mahmud of Ghazna invaded the Indian subcontinent in the late 10th and early 11th centuries CE. With his invasions, Islam began several centuries of cultural and political dominance on the subcontinent. The original empire of the Ghaznavids stretched from the Punjab to Iran, thus forming a direct route to the Islamic heartland. [Read more…]

A Day in Jaipur

Work took me to Jaipur and fate favored me with an entire free day in the ancient city of Jaipur. I kept thinking of ways to spend my time, but never knew that I was in for a surprise. A heady combination of modern with the ancient, software tsars with the royal kings and gleaming malls with resplendent palaces was what Rajasthan’s capital had to offer. [Read more…]