Forest villages of India and their role in ecology

Boasting to be a vigorous environmentalist, the world has created an image of human being as a prime factor responsible for the exploitation of nature. Every day a new regulatory approach is added for its implementation as a new policy to save the destruction of nature. Therefore considering all these facts India obviously has its prime position in the agenda because of its rich biodiversity. The most important part to be revealed about India is its diverse climatic zones that precisely shrink the whole world in it. If it’s centre enjoys the coastal climatic zone of a peninsula then in the north It has the vast and fertile plains shadowed and blessed by the river of The almighty Himalayas. If we move west then we have the Thar desert with its burning temperature and in contrary to this we also have the cold desert as Leh and Ladakh. We are also blessed with one of the most extinct vegetation called the mangroves as Sunderban. Altogether, India can be considered as the most suitable model for measuring the success of every new concept for saving the environment. [Read more…]