Siddha medicine of the “Tamils”

Siddha medicine can very well be called a medicine that is “eternally perfect.” Siddha medicine system is oldest medicine system in India which developed in and is widely practiced in South India especially Tamilnadu. [Read more…]

The Magnificent Flame of the Forest- Palaash- Butea monosperma

Couple of weeks back, I saw a sudden flash of bright orange amidst a heat scorched patch of thicket near my Ayurveda institute in Bangalore. I felt overjoyed to see one of my favorite trees in full bloom and at the peak of its glory. It was PalaashButea monosperma tree. Its slender frame loaded with thick bunches of fiery, red-orange flowers, shaped like a parrot’s beak! [Read more…]

“Sangeet” of India

“Sangeet” or Music had been integral to Indian cultural heritage. If we consider the origin of Indian music then it is for sure that we would be lost in the pages of Indian literature and History. But it is an unspoken fact that since time immemorial we Indians had been associated with music. And it is not wrong to say that religion had been pivotal in driving music into the lives of an Indian. [Read more…]

Panch Kedar Pilgrimage

“Panch Kedar” which means the five kedar refers to the five temples dedicated to lord Shiva. All the five temples are located in the picturesque Garwal hills in Uttrakhand State. The five temples are Kedarnath(3,583 m), Tungnath(3,680 m), Rudranath(2,286 m),Madhyamaheshwar(3,490 m) and Kalpeshwar(3,490 m). [Read more…]

Trimbakeshwar Temple – One of the 12 Holy Temples of Shiva

In an ancient Sanskrit sloka, 12 different Shiva temples are referenced as holy places that compose the Jyotirlinga, or Temples of Lord Shankar. For those unfamiliar with Jyotirlinga, it is a sacred space that the essence of the Infinite can be worshipped, since most of us have a limited concept of the divine. These temples are spread across the country, from the sea to the river, in village towns and high in the mountains. When one visits each of these Jyotirlingas, it is thought that they are blessed with infinite blessings, a calm heart and peace beyond their current knowing. I was lucky enough to visit one of them on a recent trip, Trimbakeshwar Temple, located in Nasik. [Read more…]

Dalhousie – A Paradise in Himalayas

Do not be fooled by the jibe ‘Dull and Lousy’ owing to its name and laid back Himachali peace, but take a walk around the mall and hills, get mesmerized by the stately charm of the high deodars in Kalatope forest, picnic in the scenic waterfalls in Panchpullah, enjoy the tasty Tibetan cuisine, shop around for Tibetan handicrafts and Chamba and Kullu shawls and you will know what real Dalhousie is! [Read more…]

Goddess in the City: Durga Puja in Kolkata

Sharodotsav (The Autumnal function) or Durgotsav (The Function of Goddess Durga) is the biggest annual celebration of culture, religion, faith and the symbol of woman power; Goddess Durga in Kolkata, India! [Read more…]

Achalgarh: Not Just Another Temple

We smiled at the stories narrated to us about Achalgarh. The first one was about a bull that drove away an army; another about three demons that turned into buffaloes; a lake said to have been filled with clarified butter (ghee) for rituals and the last about the temple covered in lime to make it look unattractive. [Read more…]

God who loves bathing

At first, I thought they were part of the famous Shiva temple, collecting water from the nearby stream for daily prayers. [Read more…]