The flowery Ecstasy: Srinagar’s Tulip Garden

Come spring and every nook and corner of Srinagar and its adjoining valleys are sprawled with colorful flowers. Such wide range of flowers and such magnificent size of the bloom that these beauties simply enchants everyone. One such place in Srinagar where one can enjoy the beautiful and glamorous bloom of tulips is the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, Srinagar. [Read more…]

Copper Utensils of Kashmir

Copper has been an integral part of a Kashmiri household. A collection of copper utensils are gifted to the bride. The Hindu brides in Kashmir used to get Brass utensils and Muslim brides used to get copper utensils. Also these utensils are part of every celebration in a Kashmir. These utensils were always on my shopping list as I wanted a “Surahi” as a souvenir of this lovely land. My exploring this lovely piece of art took me to a local shop here who is selling these utensils to the locals. And I discovered that there is plenty to explore here. The variety and the “Nakashi” on the utensils are simply mesmerizing. [Read more…]

“Gabba” and “Namda”: Precious Forms of Kashmiri Craft

While discovering Kashmir I discovered that it is not just famous for its wood carvings on Walnut wood or for hand embroideries like the needle work or the “aari” work. It is famous for its “Namdas” and “Gabbas” too. I knew about the “Namdas” beforehand because I had seen the same in high end handicrafts showrooms and shops. But “gabba” was introduced to me by a local artisan during my stay here at Jammu & Kashmir. His shop was located on the road connecting our house to the main city. I always admired the lovely black carpets with intricate and colorful embroidery hanging out in the shop display. Always in haste due to the daily chores could not stop to admire the same. But for how long would I have stayed away from this crafty work. So I stopped and learnt everything about this art. [Read more…]

Take a Trip to Valley of Springs – Kokernag

The valley of Kashmir has several popular tourist destinations; Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, Srinagar; but the southern part of Kashmir has many untouched and unsung locales which may not be as popular a tourist destination but are unmatched and unparalleled in their beauty. Inclusive of historical remnants, fresh water springs, trout farms (a chance to taste an exotic delicacy!), thick evergreen forests, beautifully designed gardens and an enthralling view of the snow clad mountain ranges; South Kashmir offers a scenic beauty to satisfy every palate. A few places that are worth mentioning here are; Kokernag, Verinag, Martand sun temple, Daksum, Sinthan pass. [Read more…]

Poetry on wood: The art of wood carving in Kashmir

The sheer ingenuity of the Kashmiri Naqash (Craftsmen) in the many examples of his art comprising of wooden furniture, jewelry boxes, wooden utensils, the wall panels, photo frames, cigar cases are mesmerizing at the first sight and take you in their awe for a long time. The handicraft of exquisitely made wooden artifacts is representative of Kashmiri tradition and goes back to third or fourth century in the architectural remains found in Kashmir Punjab. [Read more…]

Verinag: The origin of Jhelum

Jhelum River is rightfully termed as the lifeline of the province of Jammu and Kashmir and Verinag is mainly known for the source of river Jhelum. It is a perfect weekend getaway from Srinagar with available accommodation options. Verinag lies in the Kothar district, 78 Km south east of Srinagar (via Anantnag) and is home to one of the largest springs, Verinag. [Read more…]

The Grandest Ruins in Kashmir: Martand Sun Temple

Towering against the bright blue sky, the ruins of Martand sun temple are mesmerizing in their effect. Among the hill temples of India, Martand sun temple in Anantnag is also more important because of its picturesque location. Set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, the sun temple presents a different view in different seasons; come spring and the ruins welcome you with lush greenery and well-manicured flower beds all around while winter finds the magnificent ruins sprawling against a background of white. No matter which season takes you to the remnants of the historically and architecturally important Martand sun temple; the effect of being awestruck by its beauty remains the same. [Read more…]

A trip to Daksum and Sinthan Pass

Daksum in the evergreen forests at Anantnag-Semthan-Kishtwar road is a natural scenic spot. The best thing about this place? It still remains free from the hustle bustle and noise of boisterous tourists. Breathe in the fresh mountain air, revel in the beauty of the green conifers and listen to the only sounds of a gurgling mountain brook flowing somewhere and Himalayan birds chirping away to glory! Take back the best of nature from here. [Read more…]

World’s most expensive spice – Saffron

Kashmir is not only the world leader when it comes to picturesque sceneries and natural wonders; it is also known to produce world’s best saffron. [Read more…]