Hyderabad winter delicacy – Mirchi Ka Salan

Being from the forces gives you the liberty to try new dishes and that too from the melange of Indian flavors to the best. One such recipe that was added this winters to my recipe book was the Mirch Ka Salan. A delicacy from Hyderabad Kitchen but was put on a platter by a North Indian. It was so sumptuous that everyone was seen relishing the same with Lachedaar Prantha (An Indian bread with layers visible). And once the dish became the star of the party all the ladies were around the host to learn how this delicacy was put to plate. And here is what she disclosed. [Read more…]

Nutritious Raita –Flavored Yoghurt

Raita is a cooling dish made out of Yogurt. It hey can be prepared in many vegetables including onion, [Read more…]

Green Pepper Cashew Risotto

In Ayurveda, the importance of spices like pepper has been described in many chapters of Charaka Samhita. In addition, [Read more…]

Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds Muesli

Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds are known for their health benefits. [Read more…]

White Bean & Fennel Delight Soup

The beans and fennel has their own importance in Ayurveda as they help pacifying the Kapha dosha, the main culprit for deposition [Read more…]

Spring Onion Dip & Red Pepper with Vegetables Batons

This recipe helps in keeping the body healthier. Known for their great benefits in Ayurveda, garlic, pepper, onions  and soya help in keeping the cholesterol and lipid profile low. [Read more…]