Fort Kochi-Travel to another era

Kochi or Ernakulam, as it was called a few years back, has been known to the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Chinese and Jews since ancient times. This tiny fishing hamlet that became famous after Vasco da Gama discovered the Spice Route, emerged out of its obscurity to become the center of the Indian Spice trade. [Read more…]

Are Sprouts an Every-Day Food?

Blanket diet rules like eat sprouts, eat raw vegetables, drink plenty of water etc. bear likeness to the nature of a double edged sword. While some of us are truly┬ábenefited┬áby adopting them in our lifestyle; some others can end up with imbalance and diseases. Sprouts (from beans, lentils especially) are without a doubt a healthy and nutritious food. However, Ayurveda advises against the habit of eating sprouts regularly. [Read more…]

The uses of Curry Leaf powder

Curry Leaf powder is one of the common ingredients that are used in the kitchen to cook various kinds of foods. There are many recipes that cannot be completed without this powder. [Read more…]

The effectiveness of Liquorice

Liquorice is a white and purple flowering perennial. It is the native of central and Southeast Asia and Mediterranean region. [Read more…]

Effectiveness of Turmeric

Turmeric is considered as one of the well-known ancient spices. Primarily it is cultivated in West Indies, Australia, Peru, Java, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China and India. In Hindu religion turmeric is used in many rituals. [Read more…]

Garam masala- The hot mixture and savory spice blend

India is known for its cuisines and exclusive regions of cooking. Garam Masala is a fragrant blend of dry ground spices common in India and parts of Asia. [Read more…]

Star Anise- Spice up your dishes with this popular Chinese Spice

True to its name, star anise is a star shaped fruit of an oriental evergreen tree that is grown predominantly in south-western China and Japan. [Read more…]