20 basic elements of Hindustani Classical Music

There are many ragas and taals in Hindustani Classical music that a student of classical music learns and practices. It takes years to become an expert and it is not possible for everyone to manage time for learning it completely. Most of the people who enjoy classical music performances do not know the fundamentals of classical music. I feel it is good for everyone to know the basics of this form of music. Knowledge certainly helps us in developing better understanding of the music and more respect for the artists. With an intention to help Indian classical music lovers and beginner students I am listing here 20 basic elements of the north Indian classical music: [Read more…]

Indian “Gitam”

Gitam” or vocal music of India (or anywhere in the world) is defined as the expression of inner feelings. It has always been a medium of expressing the traits of human mind like love and hatred, joy and sorrow, humor and wit, selfishness and devoted service and even feelings like hope and disappointment. But “Gitam” or vocal music in India had been a complex preposition as expertise in the same was attained after years of practice and dedication in the same field. [Read more…]

“Sangeet” of India

“Sangeet” or Music had been integral to Indian cultural heritage. If we consider the origin of Indian music then it is for sure that we would be lost in the pages of Indian literature and History. But it is an unspoken fact that since time immemorial we Indians had been associated with music. And it is not wrong to say that religion had been pivotal in driving music into the lives of an Indian. [Read more…]

A musical sojourn: Rabindra Sangeet

Rabindra Sangeet is a classic manifestation of a breathtaking fusion of Rabindranath Thakur’s poetic elegance and soulful music. Quite literally, Rabindra Sangeet is the songs written and music composed by Rabindranath Tagore. [Read more…]

Tabla-The Traditional Drum of North India

Given prominence the world over, with bands like the Grateful Dead and artists like George Harrison and jazz guitarist, John McLaughlin, the tabla is the famous percussion instrument of North India, made popular from the Americas to Tanzania. Artists like Zakir Hussain have learned how to play the tabla like the fine instrument they are, giving an almost god-like quality to their rich but evanescent tones. Traditionally used in classical Indian music, the sophistication and nuance of such a set of drums allows them to speak eloquently in almost any genre of music. The tabla sets a standard for an over 5000 year-old tradition of rhythm in India. As one of the oldest traditions in the world, tabla offers a sense of rhythm and melody which is unmatched by almost any other percussion instrument, particularly those found in the West. [Read more…]

Indian Classical Ragas to Cure Diseases

Music therapy carries a great weightage in the ancient holistic medical science of India. [Read more…]