Ten Reasons to have Ghee (Clarified Butter) in your Kitchen

Ghee(Clarified butter) has always occupied the center stage of Indian tradition and Indian cuisine since time immemorial. It has been regarded as an auspicious element that draws positive energies into the household and our lives. Ghee has been used for thousands of years for the Vedic Practice of Agnihotra – offerings made to Agni Dev– the God of Fire every day during sunrise and sunset for welcoming positive energies, prosperity and tranquility into the household. A staple in Indian cuisine, Ghee has a hoard of health benefits. [Read more…]

Five Most Effective Ayurvedic Herbs for Spring Allergies

Spring season is termed as the ‘Father of all diseases’ by Ayurveda and it surely lives up this title. The massive Kapha imbalance hat ensues with spring season creates flare-ups in seasonal respiratory allergies including the notorious Hay fever. Weak immune system, Kapha and other dosha imbalance, slow digestion etc. are believed to be the main contributors to most respiratory allergies in adults as well as children. Ayurvedic herbs that strengthen our immune system are an integral part of management of seasonal allergies. This article will clue you into five most effective Ayurvedic herbs that help in seasonal respiratory allergies- [Read more…]

Jackfruit – The Jack of all trades

The jackfruit is very commonly known as the “kathal” in many parts of India. It is very large in size, and looks somewhat like a durian. [Read more…]

Long Beans – Cowpea: well-known as yard-long beans-snake beans

Long Beans – Cowpea or Vigna unguiculata, is a yearly legume that is present in a lot of forms. [Read more…]

Edible Mushrooms: Nature’s secret wealth

Edible mushrooms are the fat and suitable for eating fruiting bodies of quite a few types of fungi. Edibility possibly is going to be characterized by conditions that consist of nonexistence of toxic results in humans and sought-after flavor and smell.  [Read more…]

Lady Finger – Okra: A natural wonder food

Okra, which is also called lady’s finger, is a flowering plant belonging to the mallow family. [Read more…]

Coconut – Meat or milk, it has it all

Coconut is also known as nariyal or narial. It belongs to the Palm family or Areceae. It is grown all over the world. It is not actually a fruit. It is more of a drupe. Coconuts are large, and round in shape. [Read more…]

Know about Karunai Kilangu (Elephant Foot Yam)

These tender and tropical perennials grow up to a height of 12-18inches (around 30-45cm) in a spacing of 24-36inches (around 60-90cm). [Read more…]

Interesting facts about Yam

Yams are time and again incorrectly referred to as sweet potatoes, and vice versa, but they’re a couple of dissimilar vegetables. The accurate yam’s the tuber of a sultry vine, and isn’t even indistinctly associated with the sweet potato. [Read more…]

Tamarind: the tropical plant

The tamarind is a long-standing, medium-growth, shaggy tree attaining an utmost crown tallness of 12.1 – 18.3 meters. The crown is characterized by a jagged, vase-shaped outline of thick foliage. [Read more…]