Portuguese India: The Orphans of the King

The fall of the Indo-Greek kingdoms in the first century did not end Europe’s relationship or fascination with India. Mediterranean merchants continued to trade in Indian wares and swap stories of the Subcontinent’s fabulous wealth. This trade, however, was largely indirect. First the Romans, then the Byzantines, then the Venetians made fortunes on the India trade by the proxy of Arab and other merchants who plied the Indian Ocean and brought its treasures into the ports of the Red Sea, such as Jeddah. India itself, though suffering from many other waves of invaders, remained free for many centuries of direct European governance. [Read more…]

India’s Most Colorful Spring Festivals

Harvest season is the time when whole of India comes together to celebrate their harvest. The air is full of festivity and joy. And this story is repeated in almost every state. Giving you an insight into some of the best known and celebrated Harvest festivals of India. [Read more…]

Tranquil and Relaxing Beaches of Gokarna

Gokarna, better known as a hippie’s paradise is a small coastal temple town on the western coast of India. Situated at a distance of less than 80 Kms from Goa, this beautiful hamlet in Karnataka boasts of some of the most secluded beaches in India. [Read more…]

Dessert Rein: Why Bebinca is the Queen of Goan Sweets

Gluttonous is hardly the adjective that defines me when it comes to choosing the next meal in Goa. There are unending options. [Read more…]

In search for world’s spiciest dish

While researching on Goan cuisine, I read many articles that pegged vindaloo prepared with ghost pepper as one of the ‘ten spiciest dishes in the world’. [Read more…]

Goa-Paradise for food lovers

When different elements come together in perfect harmony, there is always something to cherish. When artists combined blues, country, jazz and gospel music, we got rock music. [Read more…]