Kayakalpam: Live long naturally!

(Top 10 herbs for a long life-II)

In continuation of our list of the top 10 herbs for long life, here is the next five of the series. [Read more…]

Essentials of Ayurvedic Healthcare for Winter Season- Part I

Winter brings in lot of festivities, celebrations and holidays. However, as much as we despise it, the gloomy weather, short dreary days, bitter cold and never ending nights also tag along with this season! Ayurveda believes that our body and mind mirror the changes that manifest in our environment, especially with the change of seasons. Dosha, Dhatu (the seven body tissues), Agni- digestive fire and Bala- strength or stamina undergo cyclical changes throughout the year in response to changing seasons. [Read more…]

Garlic – The wonder drug

Garlic which also is called by many other names, like garlick, ajo, knoblauch, ail, thum and aglio, to name some, is also referred to as the wonder drug due to its huge number of medicinal properties. [Read more…]