Indulge in Good Health with Ayurveda – The concept of Ama and Srotas and Dhatus

Concept of Dhatus
Ayurvedic physiology describes “dhatus” or vital tissues that work in integration to ensure the proper functioning of the body. The seven dhatus include “rasa” or plasma, “rakta” or blood, “mamsa” or muscle, “meda” or fat, “asthi” or bone, “majja” or marrow and nerves, and “shukra and artav” or reproductive tissue. All these seven vital tissues nourish one another. [Read more…]

The Ayurveda Principles of Nutrition to be Obeyed for a Healthy Diet

The practice of Ayurveda is a proof to the civilization from which it originated. It is a medical system which states that humans have originated from nature and they are an indispensable part of the universe. [Read more…]

Yummy Kolkata Street Food

Kolkata- the city of joy is actually a place where you will find an abundance of joy amidst all atrocities. It’s because people here know how to keep themselves and others happy. Among all other recipes of joy and laughter, the main being our food. Yes the Kolkatans know very well that a way to a man’s ( women are no exception) heart is through food. [Read more…]

Taste of Bengali Sunday Meal

A Bengali is stereotyped by three things- Football, Politics, and Food. A Bengali might choose between East-Bengal or Mohanbagan, Red or Green, but there is no choice on the food vs no food. If you are not a foodie, you are not a Bengali. Seeping in the tradition, I myself, am in awe of Bengali cuisines. Here, I am portraying a glimpse of a typical Bengali Sunday menu. [Read more…]

A gastronomic trail through Kottayam

The first thought that captures the mind when Kottayam is mentioned is of Kumarakom and the boat rides on the Vembanad Lake. The city of Kottayam has not got its due on the travel and tourism map of Kerala and basically serves as a transit towards its more renowned neighbourhood of Alappuzha made famous by the picture perfect backwater cruises. [Read more…]

Corny corn: The many purpose vegetable grain

One of the main refreshing summer treat is a fresh, healthy and tasty corn-on-the-cob. [Read more…]

Curly Cauliflower: The nutritional cruciferous vegetable

Cauliflower, as it is commonly called in the UK, and which is known by many names in different countries, like Karfiol, Bloemkool, Blomkål, Chou fleur, Kounoupidi to name some, was first planted way back in around 100 BC in places like the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. [Read more…]