Indian Dhyana in Treating Modern Lifestyle Stress and Depression

Meditation in India is an old-aged tradition that has come a long way with philosophies and practices developed by sages, monks, saints and other commoners over the years—even centuries. It has derived its name from the term dhyan which also means contemplation. What does this mean in simple words? Simply, it’s the reflection of a human’s own inner soul. [Read more…]

Stability of Mind and Body through Indian Meditation

Meditation is the modern term for a psychological, spiritual and physiological practice that has its roots in prehistoric times. The rhythmic chanting of tribal peoples was used as a method of communing with or appeasing their deities. It has deep roots and a strong foundation in both Hinduism and Buddhism. [Read more…]

Overview of Indian Meditation

The meditation techniques in India are so many that it becomes difficult for the practitioners to follow them. The people around the globe may turn their attention to one technique or the other according to their own capabilities and liking. Things become easier for them when they have turned their attention towards these very things. Various famous teachers, in India, are there who have been practicing their different techniques in videos and lectures. [Read more…]

Indian Meditation and Peace

Indian meditation techniques are so many that it has become difficult for the interested people to select one technique or the other. A lot more such techniques are always coming before the people who are in search of them. [Read more…]