Getting an Indian-Style Oil Massage, An Ayurvedic Version of Heaven

I’ve been lucky enough to experience quite a few different types of massage in my life – from lava rock massages in Hawaii to Swedish massages in swanky hotels, but none is as healing and luxurious as an Ayurvedic oil-massage in India. The oil massage is based on concepts of our overall health and its connections to nature that few have observed in the western world, but that give us a lightness of being and a connection to the earth as you wouldn’t guess from simply rubbing some oils into the muscles and bones of the body. [Read more…]

Role of Yoga for Mangaging Type II Diabetes

Yoga- a dynamic science that enables the alignment of our body, mind and soul with universal flow of energy! [Read more…]

Turmeric leaves- Flavoring Indian Food and Culture!

The month of Shraavan (mid-July through mid-August) is one of the most holy, spiritually dense and culturally bountiful month in the Indian Hindu Calendar. [Read more…]

Ayurvedic Panchakarma-How it helps in the Body’s Detoxification and Purification

Panchakarma came from Sanskrit words ‘Pancha and ‘Karma’, the former meaning the number five and the latter meaning action. These Sanskrit words when put together would come up with ‘five actions’ which directs us to the conclusion that Panchakarma is that ayurvedic treatment involving five various actions which purifies and detoxifies the body from toxins and wastes. [Read more…]

Ayurvedic Detoxifying Soup

Detoxification is necessary as servicing the body. As you do it for your car, your body too requires servicing, periodically. You do it with grease and oil in car and here you do it with detoxifying diet. [Read more…]