Ayurveda For Winter Depression- Part II

Dull, damp and dreary days are here to stay for quite a while now that Winter Season has officially begun! Winter depression is a type of Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) which affects many of us during this season. Whether it is a full blown depression (as a disorder) or occasional bouts of depressed moods; proper care needs to be taken to ensure health and happiness even during these bleakest times of the year. [Read more…]

Ayurveda or Conventional Medicine?

In discussing the benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle and Ayurvedic treatment the question always arises, “Why Ayurveda and not a modern conventional treatment?” I believe that knowledge is power and that whatever we choose needs to be done so based on thoughtful consideration of all choices. Let’s compare the two in the areas of diagnoses, treatment and prevention. [Read more…]

Grounding the Vata for the Winter

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, every season has a doshic quality and right now we are fully engaged in the Vata season. It’s the season of dry, cold, windy weather. It’s the season of cracked lips and chapstick. It’s the season of bundling up in warm socks and sweaters. When we are practicing Ayurveda and living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, it’s important to take the season and the qualities of the season into account so that we can begin to balance and harmonize ourselves by making the necessary diet and lifestyle changes. Even if our normal constitution is not a Vata type, our Vata can become imbalanced during this season. Now is not the time for the raw salads and cold drinks we may enjoy in the summer. [Read more…]