Lotus – It’s Cultural And Medicinal Significance

Lotus signifies the cultural heritage – having spiritual , ornamental and medicinal value . It is the national flower of India . In Ayurveda it’s medicinal properties are described in detail. [Read more…]

Ayurveda Recipe – Tangy Okra Curry

Ayurveda imparts emphasis on consumption of curries to keep healthy. Curries have a lot of nutritional value and help in stimulation your digestion process due to the presence of various spices and herbs. [Read more…]

The Ayurvedic aspect of Dairy Products

The dairy products such as the milk, egg and yogurt possess the attribute of being building in the nature and thus take more energy in the digestion of the food. This article is penned down to make the readers acquaint with some of the intriguing recipes for dairy products which are lighter as well as easier in terms of preparation. Have a look: [Read more…]

The Ayurvedic perspective of curries

Curries are the combinations of the different spices which are added to the food will the objective of aiding the process of the digestion. They can be prepared by either combining one or two spices or with the combination of a dozen of spices. The very act of learning to prepare one’s own curry requires a vast sense of dish, taste and the medical repercussions. [Read more…]

Shodash Samskaar ( Sixteen Sacraments ) and their Significance

Ayurveda advocates disciplined life to remain healthy. The life of  a person can be happy   (sukhayu), unhappy (dukhayu), wholesome (hitayu) or unwholesome  (ahitayu) depending on the awareness  and  endeavour  for  what is good and what is bad for self. For personal and social upliftment  certain actions are performed during specific transitional phases of life. These are called Samskaar  ( Sacraments) and are sixteen in number, thus termed Shodash Samskaar or Sixteen Sacraments. [Read more…]

The 6 Key Tastes Identified In Ayurveda

The prime element which aids in getting acquainted with the Ayurvedic nutrition is the “Taste”. The other name of taste is the rasa, which can be applied to each of the three constitutions to aid balance and healing. The Ayurvedic perspective ascertains that the taste is made from myriad distinct components. [Read more…]

Nutritional Needs of Pitta Constitution

Ascertaining one’s constitution is often a tedious task. Although there are only three constitutions present, but the attributes dedicated to one are often found in the other constitution. This makes the process for determining the constitution cumbersome. People get highly intrigued whenever they get acquainted with the fact that there is also the presence of dual constitutions, where an individual is born with the attributes of more than one constitution. [Read more…]

Know your “prakruti”- discover your constitution

Prakruti in a nutshell is defined in Ayurveda as the energy combination which a human being brings with him at the time of his birth. The other name for the prakruti is the innate constitution. [Read more…]

The Ayurveda Principles of Nutrition to be Obeyed for a Healthy Diet

The practice of Ayurveda is a proof to the civilization from which it originated. It is a medical system which states that humans have originated from nature and they are an indispensable part of the universe. [Read more…]

Ayurvedic remedy for Obesity

Obesity  or  Sthaulya is the most common nutritional disorder in the present era. It has reached epidemic proportions globally with more than 1 billion adults overweight – atleast 300 million of them clinically obese – is a major contributor to the global burden of chronic diseases and disability. [Read more…]