Staying Safe When You Travel in India

India is an amazing and exotic place. It is located in Asia, and it is the seventh largest country in the world! There is a lot to see and do. Follow the recommended tips, and you will stay safe and have an extremely pleasurable experience.

Travel documents
Make sure all of your paperwork is in order before you arrive. Keep all of it and your other valuables in a safe place on your person until you check in at your hotel. Cameras and gadgets should remain in your bags.

Arrange for a pickup at the airport. The prepaid service is safer and relatively cheap. You can avoid being ripped off or hassled. Don’t think that you can rent a car and drive by yourself, without experience in driving in Indian roads, it is impossible for anyone to drive in India.

Always have a hotel reservation before you arrive in the country. The rate is lower. Make sure that the locks on the doors and windows are in good condition. Never open the door to a stranger. Use a peephole if one is available. Don’t leave your wallet or clothes near any windows. Thieves have been known to climb onto the roofs of buildings and scale down to break in and rob people! Traveling is almost always rewarding, but it can also be dangerous — this is why it is recommended that you purchase travel insurance.

Adhere to laws
India is a conservative nation with many distinct customs. Try not to loiter around monuments and stay away from strangers. Be polite to the locals by respecting their culture. Follow the rules and laws at all times. Tourists are not allowed to engage in religious activities unless they have missionary status.

Drink bottled water. It is safer than the tap water, which is not potable. This prevents intestinal problems. Wear shoes at all times because the conditions around several parts of the country are unsanitary.

Language skills
Try to learn important words and phrases in the main language, which is Hindi. Increased knowledge makes it easier to negotiate prices and ask for directions.

Dress appropriately
Women should cover their legs and shoulders when visiting temples. Indians are offended when these parts of the body are exposed. Purchase a beautiful sari to wear.

Wait until you are going to get into a car before you give money to a beggar, so that you will not get mobbed. Give children fruit instead of money because they are probably working for their parents.

Be aware that terrorists sometimes target tourists. Avoid troubled spots and keep a low profile. Jammu and Kashmir have been hotbeds of unrest for almost 50 years.

You can stay safe when touring India if you are prudent and aware of your surroundings. Plan your trip carefully so that you will be prepared for an adventure.

Author: Alex Cross


  1. I am planning to go to India for a week, your tips are useful for me, but it is very short.

    Please update it with more details.

  2. Some good and valuable points here.
    The underlying factor is , do not be adventerous, follow your sixth sense and use common sense.

  3. Good India tips says:

    These are all generic tips but one should know these tips before traveling to India.

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