Srotasas: The Micro-channels of the Body

Srotasas can be described as micro-channels of the body that run through all the organs. As described in ancient science like Ayurveda and Chinese Medical system (that believes in Daoism), the planets are connected to each other to form the universe. The human body, in Ayurveda, is called as miniature of the universe that behaves like the complex network of body organs and systems. Said this, there has been always a great deal of communicating going on in human bodies.

The health experts have researched a lot about constant signaling within the body. Ayurveda believes that the communication is done through these storasas (micro channels). Srotasas contain nutrients, positive and negative energy and the body’s overall health depend upon the functionality and efficiency of srotasas.

There are 13 srotasas in total but let us learn 7 major types of them…
1. Rasavah srotas (micro channels for final essence after metabolism of food)
2. Raktavah srotas (micro channels for blood tissues)
3. Mamsavah srotas (micro channels for muscle tissues)
4. Medovah srotas (micro channels for adipose –fat tissues)
5. Asthivah srotas (micro channels for bone tissues)
6. Majjavah srotas (micro channels for tendons and cartilages)
7. Shukravah srotas (micro channels for spermatozoa) OR in case of females, Artavavah srotas (micro channels for ovulation and menses)

Each of this type has its own setup of communication and functionality. These micro channels are not merely inactive conduits rather they form an essential function of body cells they serve. Said this, every body cell/tissue’s functionality depend upon the nourishment received through the srotasas. Srotasas health is largely based on the food we consume, the fluid we take, the lifestyle we have and the physical workout we perform on daily basis.

The science of Ayurveda and ancient wisdom of Chinese medical system both believe that there are micro or nano-channels in the body that carry energies. While Chinese medicine believes they carry positive and negative energy, Ayurveda believes they also carry nutrition. In both ancient healing wisdom, the diseases occur when positive energy is overruled by negative and proper nourishment of body cells or organs does not happen. It is then, the srotodushti (vitiation of srotasas) happen, the major cause of any health ailment including diabetes (where medovah, majjavah, rasavah and raktavah srotasas are involved), high blood pressure (raktavah srotas) and impotency (shukra or artavavah srotas).

The proper health of srotasas –micro channels as described earlier depend upon lifestyle, diet and physical workout. Said that, when anyone adopts nutritious food, proper physical workout (holistic exercises such as yoga, pranayama and meditation) and healthy lifestyle (regular meal and sleep timings, prayers, following religious rituals etc.), they can keep the functionality of srotasas’ flawless.

In Ayurvedic texts such as Charaka Samhita and Madhavnidana, the classification of diseases has been done according to the doshas and srotasas involved. The father of surgery, Sushruta primarily focused on srotas involvement in manifestation of health ailment.

Author: Dr Maulik Vyas

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