SpiceFlair Newsletter: March 2013

Greetings from SpiceFlair.

1. At the outset, team SpiceFlair wishes all its readers and authors a very Happy Holi. May this festival of colors bring along lots of learning and exploring about India. And the best venue to explore about India is SpiceFlair.

2. Check out about Rishikesh which is a haven for Spiritual quest and a Yoga getaway in the blog “Rishikesh: A Magnet for Spiritual Travelers” written by Neha Jhingon. Other interesting reads under “TRAVEL” includes

(a) The Adventure of a Lifetime at the Indian Fair: Jennifer Doherty
(b) 10 great places to visit in Gujarat: Neha Jhingon
(c) The flowery Ecstasy: Srinagar’s Tulip Garden: Resham
(d) Manali – The abode of Manu: Swati

3. AYURVEDA section of SpiceFlair is where majorly all action is happening. So many valuable inputs from reputed writers and staunch believers of Ayurveda like Preeti, Dr Maulik Vyas, Dr Baljot Bharaj, R. Joseph Capet and Swati that one has to explore Ayurveda section to know what is in store for all of us. Check out the following posts to dive into the world of Ayurveda and ensure that this science influences you holistically.

(a) Hatha Yoga – Reliving the mind from the world: R. Joseph Capet
(b) Karma Yoga – Acting on your personal Dharma: R. Joseph Capet
(c) Jnana Yoga – A Path to Knowledge & Liberation: R. Joseph Capet
(d) Bhakti Yoga – Connecting with God through purity of devotion: R. Joseph Capet
(e) Shodash Samskaar ( Sixteen Sacraments ) and their Significance: Dr Baljot Bharaj (Recommended read)
(f) Four Ashrams (spiritual shelters) of human life: Swati
(g) How important is it to “Eat with the season”: Preeti
(h) Planning the perfect balanced meal for your Dosha: Preeti
(i) The Ayurvedic perspective of curries: Preeti
(j) Super Shatavari Veggie: Dr Maulik Vyas
(k) Keys to Easy Digestion- Proper Cooking and Taste: Preeti
(l) The Right Way to Cook Ayurvedically: Preeti
(m) A special insight to Yogurt: Preeti

Indeed Ayurveda section is worth exploring.

4. INDIA FLAIR was short and crisp. Check out posts on “Sangeet”of India and “Raga” and “Ragini”, both written by Resham Virk.

Also this newsletter is incomplete without a mention the plethora of interesting forum discussions in groups that are informative and captivating. I am sure there are lots of groups that are worth exploring.

Once again have a colorful times on Holi and always and happy reading and writing at SpiceFlair. Also, stay on a lookout for interesting activities and contests on SpiceFlair as we would be announcing contests soon!

Happy Exploring SpiceFlair.


Author: Resham Virk

Resham virk has served as a Captain in the Indian army for 5 years and has explored the best parts of India while in the Army. Daughter and wife of an Army officer, her tryst with Indian cultures and heritage is still not complete. She has been part of the retail industry as the Inventory controller of Walmart India stores but presently she is a full time homemaker satiating her desire to explore new things, places and to pen down so as to share.

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