Spice Flair Community FAQ


1. What is Spice Flair Community?
Spice Flair community is a group of people who wants to learn and share about various aspects of India like people, tradition, culture, food, and many more.

2. When did Spice Flair community started?
Spice Flair web site is started March 2011 since then Spice Flair community has been active in SpiceFlair.com web site posting blogs and articles. Spice Flair groups and forums was officially launched on March 31 2012.

3. How can I become a member of Spice Flair community?
It is simple, just enter a user name, password and an email id. Once you successfully register, you will get an activation email, simply click the email and you are a member of Spice Flair community

4. What are the benefits of Spice Flair community?
There are several benefits of becoming a member in Spice Flair community. Some of them are:
i. Connect with other like minded people all over the world to share and learn about India. Make new friends communicate with them through public and private messages on various issues related to India.
ii. Participate in group forums, ask questions, and get help from the Spice Flair community
iii. Discuss various blogs and articles in Spice Flair group forums.

5. Do you sell my email to other companies?
No. The only reason we get your email is to validate your registration process. Other than that we do not use your email for anything else. For more info. about our privacy policies read

6. What technology is used in building Spice Flair web site?
We are using WordPress, Buddypress, and various plugins in running Spice Flair site.

7. Do I need to become a member to read Spice Flair blogs?
No, you can read blogs and post your comments in the blog without becoming a Spice Flair Community member.

8. Can I read group forum discussions without becoming a Spice Flair community member?
Yes, you can read all the public group forums without becoming a member. You can not read private group forums without becoming a member.

9. There are several other web sites exist that has forums related to India. What is so special about Spice Flair community forums? Why should I become a member in Spice Flair community?
Though there are several web sites and forum sites exists that has information and discussions groups about India, Spice Flair takes it to next level in providing high quality articles, blogs, and photos about various aspects of India. Spice Flair’s main goal is to promote the rich culture, tradition, and history of India through quality articles and group discussions moderated by qualified group moderators. Sure we have Wikipedia that has information anything related to India. But Spice Flair starts where Wikipedia stops, providing an Indian context to the information and group forums to enhance the member experience.

10. How do Spice Flair make money?
Spice Flair is not making money. The Google advertisement that comes on the side bar is the only income Spice Flair gets, that is not even close to the monthly expenses Spice Flair incurs in hiring quality writers and bloggers to write articles and blogs.

11. Who runs Spice Flair?
Spice Flair is mostly run by volunteers who has the passion about India. Overall daily activities are managed by Nandhini. The site is developed by Mani.

Spice Flair Community Groups

1. What is a group?
A group is similar to a group in FaceBook or Linkedin.

2. Who can create a group?
Any registered member of a Spice Flair community can create a group. Creator of the group will be the group admin for that group.

3. What capabilities a group admin can have?
A group admin will be the moderator of that group, that person will be responsible for moderating all the group activities. A group admin can remove a member from a group, create a new topic under the forum, modify a topic, promote a group member to a group moderator, remove a reply and many other activities. In nutshell a group admin’s job is to keep the sanity of the group and to make sure all the members of the group follow the overall Spice Flair guidelines in using the group forum.

4. What are the general guidelines for creating a new group?
Before creating a new group decide what is the purpose of that group and check if a group already exist if so join the group. If not create a new group and upload a group avatar. A group avatar helps everyone to identify your group.

5. I created a group why I am no longer the admin of my group?
If a group exist without active members or without new topics or it violates one of our policies then Spice Flair admin can remove the group or make it inactive.

6. What are all the different types of groups?
Public groups: Groups that are visible to everyone. Any Spice Flair member can join a public group.
Private groups: These group name and description are visible to everyone. But only group members can view the content of the group. Anyone interested in joining a private group must first request a membership and the group admin must approve it.
Hidden groups: These groups are invisible to non members. Since the group is not listed, anyone can join these groups only by invitation send from the group admin.

7. How can I create a new group?
First login to Spice Flair site and go to http://www.spiceflair.com/groups you will see a link to create a new group

Spice Flair Community Group Forums and Topics

1. What is a forum?
A forum is associated to a group and it can have zero or more topics in it. A forum is always associated with a group.

2. Who manages a forum?
Group admin and group moderator(s) manages a forum

3. How many forums a group can have?
A group can have only one forum

4. What is a topic?
A topic is a discussion created within a group forum. All the members of the group can post a response to the topic.

5. Who can create a topic?
A topic can be created by the group admin or by a group member.

6. Who can delete a topic?
The group admin or group moderator can delete a topic.

4. How many topics a group can have?
A group can have many topics that are decided by group admin and its members.

5. Who is group moderator?
A group moderator is appointed by group admin. A group can have more than one group moderators.

6. What are the capabilities of group moderators?
Modify group details like name and description
Modify or close a forum topic.
Modify or remove topic and its content.

Spice Flair Community Activities

1. What are Spice Flair Community Activities?
Spice Flair Community Activities are similar concept to recent activity in Facebook. Activities like posting a blog, sending friend request, adding a comment to a blog, profile changes, group updates, forum posts are all automatically tracked and displayed in the site

2. How can I view my own activities?
From My Account menu at the top select Activity

3. How can I view other member’s activities?
Go to http://www.spiceflair.com/groups search for the member using their userName. Once you load the member page you will see all the activities for that member.

4. How can I delete my own activity?
Go to the activity and click “Comment” link

5. How can I reply to activity?
Go to the activity and click “Delete” link

6. What is the RSS tab on my activity page?
RSS tab helps you to get site wide activity feed.

7. What are all the types of activities?
Personal – Your own activities.
Groups – Activities from the groups you belongs to.
Friends – Activities from your friend list.
Favorites – Activities that you marked as favorite.
@userName Mentions – Activities that are mentioned with @ and then the user name. Any time anyone posts anything with @userName those activities falls in this category. It is similar to @replies in Twitter.

8. Can I follow a specific activity?
Yes, you can follow site wide all activities or activities from your groups or your friends or @userName.

9. What is Favorite activity?
Any activity that you find interesting, you can mark it as favorite and you can retrieve it later. It is similar to browser bookmarking feature.

10. How can I add an activity to my favorite list?
Go to all activities page, each activity has two buttons, Comment and Favorite. Click the Favorite button to add that particular activity in your favorite list.

11. How can I remove an activity from my favorite list?
Go to your favorite list, click the button Remove Favorite to remove an activity from your favorite list.

12. How can I respond to an activity?
Go to activity page and click the button comment, type your text and click Post button.

13. How can I remove my comment that I posted for an activity?
Go to the activity you posted a comment and press the delete button.

Spice Flair community Messaging

1. Can I send a message to a non member of Spice Flair Community?
No, you can communicate only with members of Spice Flair Community?

2. How to send a public message?
Go to the member page and click the link “Public Message”. You can also post in your status update box by typing @ and then the user name of the person you want to send a public message.

3. How to send a private message?
Go to the member page and click the link “Private Message”. Type the member user name, subject, text and press the “Send Message”.

4. How to send a friendship request to a member?
To send a friendship request to a member you need to know the member’s userName. Go to the member directory to see all the member userNames. If you do not see the member you want to send the friendship request, you can search the userName in the search textbox. Once you find the member, you will see the link “Add Friend”, click that link to send a request.

5. How do you accept a friendship request from other member?
All the outstanding friendship requests will appear in “Notifications” menu bar. Once you clik it it will display the member userName, Accept, and Reject links. Select the Accept if you want to accept the friendship request.

6. How to cancel a Friendship?
From the menu click Friends you will see all your friends with a Cancel Friendship link next to it, click the link.

Spice Flair Group Email options and notifications

1. Why I am getting emails from Spice Flair?
When you became a member of Spice Flair community you will get emails for various activities that happens with in the Spice Flair community. You can change the email setting by following:
From My Account menu select Settings and click the link “Notifications.