Promote Your Health with Kalari Marma Massage

Kalari Marma massage is a long-established massage technique that involves the application of pressure coming from the therapist’s hands and feet. In this type of massage, medicated oil is applied together with a whole body massage. Kalari massage has long been reported to provide various valuable health benefits by stimulating the body’s vital or Marma points.

kalari massage

Before dealing with the benefits of Kalari massage, it will be best to get acquainted with even the most basic concept behind the health marvels. Inclusive of the brain, the body possesses 108 Marma points, which are very sensitive parts of the body where various tissues intersect. When any of these points is disturbed or damaged, the owner may experience severe pain or various medical ailments. Marma treatments aim to help the complete well-being of the body by stimulating these vital points.

When done by an experienced therapist, Kalari Marma Massage will definitely bring you several healing, strengthening and fulfilling effects to your body’s different organ systems. For example, the massage provides relief from headaches, back pains, muscular discomfort and other kinds of painful ailments. The therapeutic massage helps remove uncomfortable stiffness and it also speeds up your recovery from different injuries and dislocations. It may even help in remedying paralyzed body parts. The massage supports your body in achieving flexibility, dexterity, efficient maneuverability and agility. These traits allow you to tolerate and overpower the different straining obstacles and challenges that you must encounter daily.

Kalari massage promotes blood circulation and blood purification. The massage conditions the blood vessels to function efficiently so that the different body organs will be nourished and the heart will not be overworked. The improved circulation also promotes better removal of harmful impurities in the body, for example through urine. The massage also improves the performance of the respiratory system and it enhances your manner of breathing. Better breathing also assists in the removal of deleterious substances from the body. Regular massage may also help in reducing the body’s unwanted fat deposits. Aside from helping you keep a good figure, this assures that excessive fats will not hinder the proper functioning of the other body organs. By doing these incredible functions, Kalari Marma Massage spares you from heart ailments, pulmonary disorders and several other life-threatening conditions.

Kalari massage is also very good for the mind. The massage promotes deep, refreshing and gratifying sleep. Such ideal kind of sleep is typically deprived by the different problems that haunt the different aspects of your life. All kinds of massage are known to provide some degree of mental relaxation. However, Kalari massage is more effective and more powerful than a large number of its counterparts. The massage has been said to be capable of remedying depression and calming psychotic persons. By stimulating the right vital points and by releasing the negative things that reside in the body, the massage can definitely achieve these incredible effects.

Kalari Marma Massage does other amazing marvels to the body. For example, it can enhance the body’s immune system. This makes sure that your other body systems will be strongly safeguarded and this will spare you from various diseases and disorders. The refreshing effect can make you look more desirable, because of your improved physical appearance and your more optimistic demeanor.

Kalari massage is truly very amazing. Even if you have neglected your body for very long, you must not give up in your aspiration of becoming completely healthy. The widely encompassing effects of the massage guarantees that you can still become physically and mentally fit.  You just have to take better care of yourself and grant Kalari Marma Massage a chance for helping you.

Author: Uma


  1. Srishti says:

    Usually how much we need to pay for a marma massage session?

  2. It is interesting to know Kalari, ancient massage techniques and it uses, these type of mssages are still being used by alternate medical doctors in different names.

  3. Long time back I read about Kalari and its origin in Kerala. Good to read it again.

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