Planning the perfect balanced meal for your Dosha

The balanced meal is not that imposing as is perceived by many. A number of studies in biological studies and anthropological studies have stated that health as well as longevity can be assured by taking the correct balance of essential nutrients in the diet. This pattern is followed by generation of human beings belonging to different culture and regions, from centuries. However, the balance created by the various nutrients in the meals taken by different individuals has varied, but the overall health pattern is the same. This pattern comprises of 10-20% of high quality protein, 30-50% of fresh fruits and 40-60% of whole grains.

balanced meal
A meal can be termed as balanced if it includes protein and one or more of carbohydrates and vegetables. Photo from Flickr

A meal can be termed as balanced if it includes protein and one or more of carbohydrates and vegetables. Kichadi is celebrated as the best example of such a balanced meal. Another example is the vegetable barley soup, if some beans or tofu is added in it while cooking. Vegetable curry and rice is an essential two pot meal.

It is a well known fact that each of the doshas is attributed with a predominant time during the year and also during the life cycle. Each of the doshas also has the time during the day and night when they are at their display of strength. At around six in the morning or at dawn, the Kapha begin to accumulate and continues doing the same till ten in the morning. The dawn time demarcates the time for indulging in light eating for the individuals belonging to the Kapha constitution. This is the reason the breakfasts are considered as the lightest meal of the day. Vatas on the other hand usually go for a little heavy breakfast, in comparison to Kapha who takes very less amounts in breakfast. The rising time for the individuals belonging to the Pitta constitution starts somewhere near ten in the morning. The Pittas possesses the habit of feeling hungry right from the time they wake up. The Ayurveda considers the time duration between ten and eleven in the morning as the ideal time for serving an early lunch. This meal can be light or substantial, depending upon the constitution to which the individual belongs.

It is felt by many individuals belonging to the Pitta and Vata constitution, that a light snack at around three or four in the evening aids in keeping them grounded and in the efficient flow of energy till the time for dinner comes. Such snacks are considered superfluous for the individuals belonging to the Kapha constitution. The dominating period of the Vata ranges from 2-6pm. It is advised that the Kapha constitution individuals should take the meals early for an easy digestion. Vatas should eat a lesser meal at dusk in comparison to meal at dawn. Due to the hearty appetite, the Pitta can eat a supper.

Then, comes the end of the day and the time for the digestive juices to come into action!

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  1. well a balanced meal helps in getting rid of many health problems, it is interesting to know the right meal according to dosha…

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