Photos of 2012 Diwali Sweets

Diwali, like all major religious holidays, is a long, involved affair. The preparations start days, perhaps even weeks before, and when it arrives, Diwali lasts for hours, with fireworks spiraling up into the sky well into the early hours of the next morning. One of the key parts of Diwali is the singular sweets that families create every year. Diwali is a chance to try out new recipes and revisions to old ones, anything to make this year’s batch that much grander.

Families give these sweets to their close friends as gifts of well-wishing. The sweets are bright, cloyingly sweet and richly indulgent, as can be seen in the pictures below. These pictures are taken from our family’s batch of sweets from the year 2012.

Author: Apoorva Malarvannan

My name is Apoorva, and I am currently a high school student in the Greater Twin Cities area. I enjoy reading, writing, speaking, and photography. I have a blog here:


  1. Swati Jaiswal says:

    I am getting greedy seeing colorful photos of various sweets, but unfortunately becoming fat day by day so avoiding sweets.. 🙁

  2. Resham Virk says:

    Lovely clicks.

  3. Shrishti says:

    Lovely photos, colorful sweets!

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