Nutritional Needs of Vata Constitution

The descriptions of the different constitutions are so overlapping that at times it becomes cumbersome for individuals to ascertain with the determination, as to which constitution do they belong. Vatas are usually fast, light, wiry and creative ones, who always have a soft corner for the warm climes. There is also the presence of cases in the universe where one individual is born with a combination of dual constitutions, or with the prominence of two doshas. For instance, an individual falling under the Vata-Pitta is adept at reacting quickly with a profusion of imaginative power and mental energy.

Vata Constitution
Vata individual is always on the go, either physically or mentally. Vatas are more active during the day or in the early evening.

This read is solely dedicated to the various aspects of the Vata constitution. Read through and rediscover yourself.

The attributes of the individuals with Vata constitution:

  • They are usually thin, however the height can vary between tall and short
  • Their eyes are usually small, dark and sparkling
  • Gaining weight is a big issue for them
  • Have an inheritance love for warm climates
  • They get highly relaxed while exercising
  • Have an inclination towards nibbling and snacking
  • Can change mind very swiftly
  • Consider money as the spending commodity
  • Receive acute pains and nervous disorders when ill
  • Generally flaunts a cold feet and hands

Vata constitution:
Being born in the Vata constitution, a person receives in benediction, a sharp mind, flexibility and an inherent creative approach. Vata holds its association with characteristics of motion. The individual is always on the go, either physically or mentally. Vatas are more active during the day or in the early evening. The fundamental motion for each of the body processes is provided by the Vata; hence this constitution is of great significance as far as the health arena is considered. The dietary therapy for Vata comprises of stabilizing the intensity of the motion.

The primary residence of Vata is the colon, which can be usually seen in the ears, brains, joints, thighs and skin of the individual. The intensity of this constitution is directly linked to the age, it grows as the person move forward on the age continuum. The wrinkling of eyes and increased dryness are the indicators.

Vata and the seasons:
The fall season is the time for the predominance of the Vata. The season also calls for a great attention to the diet.

Vata imbalances:
The presence of any attributes in excess in the Vata constitution, results in the imbalance. The opposite of such qualities is said to be the calming element for that particular dosha. For instance, a lot of traveling can leave a Vata derange, in such a scenario, the rest, meditation and warmth act as the pacifiers. Such imbalances are more visible during the winter and the fall season. The indicators of imbalances are:

  • Flatuance
  • Aching joints
  • Bloating
  • Dryness in hair and skin
  • Constipation
  • Nerve disturbance
  • High level of anxiety

Balancing Vata:

  • Keeping warm; selecting warm spices and food. Soups, rice and hot drinks are the best food for Vata
    • Warm cooked food grounds Vata. The basmati rice, wild rice, brown rice and oatmeal are particularly soothing.
  • Abstaining from frozen foods as well as drinks
    • The coldness in the food leads to tightening and often acts as a hindrance in the movement.
  • Minimal intake of foods which are raw, such as an apple and cabbage family
    • The raw food requires great energy for digestion, where as the Vata usually have a dearth of such a great digestive fire. Raw food also acts as a creator of gas. The members of the cabbage family such as cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels, broccoli and kale can cause trouble.
  • Add a charm of sweetness and saltiness in the food selection.
    • Sugar is often over-stimulating and can create trouble. Tomatoes should be avoided.

Now, you must be clear if you actually belong to this prakruti or constitution!

Author: Preeti

A homemaker turned beauty consultant since 6 years. I am affiliated to an MNC and I recruit individuals only on the power of my speech. This made me go in for writing strong, impact-full content and convey to the mass. I am currently working in the fields of Ayurveda, Beauty, Technology and also Travel. Though beauty is the niche from where my journey begun!! You can look upon me if you wish to take tips and training for the best looking skin for yourself and you can also learn a bit about the role of Ayurveda in looking good.


  1. Well I’m not vata, waiting eagerly for the next body type Preeti

  2. Resham Virk says:

    I really did not know that I fitted into Vata prakriti!! Will try and imbibe what all you said.Thanks

    • Not to conclude here! You should look at the rest as well, to be sure if you actually belong here, or you are a combination of two or maybe all three(Tridoshic) constitutions.

  3. I have learnt a lot about Vata reading this article, as I am not Vata I earlier knew only some points about my constitution only as explained by Doctor.

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