Nutritional Needs of Pitta Constitution

Ascertaining one’s constitution is often a tedious task. Although there are only three constitutions present, but the attributes dedicated to one are often found in the other constitution. This makes the process for determining the constitution cumbersome. People get highly intrigued whenever they get acquainted with the fact that there is also the presence of dual constitutions, where an individual is born with the attributes of more than one constitution.

Pitta Constitution
The prime attributes of the Pitta are hot, light, oily, liquid and mobile. Any of these qualities in excess results in the imbalance and the opposite of these qualities will calm them.

Attributes of the Pitta Constitution:

  • A medium frame and bone structure
  • Possess an ease in gaining or losing weight
  • Have an inherent love for cool and ventilated places
  • Usually flaunt oiliness in hair and skin and a green or amber colored eyes
  • Have a good appetite and a good digestive system
  • Have traits of a great leader
  • Discover enjoyment in physical activities
  • Possess opinions and tend to share them
  • Prefer a high protein diet and lots of sleep
  • A readiness for sexual drive

Pitta constitution:
A person born in this constitution has attributes such as a strong will power and a good digestive system. The elements of water and fire are found in abundance in this constitution. Individuals born under this constitution have a profusion of initiative power and energies trapped inside them. The seats of Pitta are found primarily in the intestine and stomach and also in the skin, eyes, blood and sweat glands.

Pitta is predominant during the young age and adulthood. It is of great importance to channelize the creative resource of the Pitta in the best possible direction.

Pitta imbalances:
The prime attributes of the Pitta are hot, light, oily, liquid and mobile. Any of these qualities in excess results in the imbalance and the opposite of these qualities will calm them. The Pitta is predominant during the noon and summers. During this period, the imbalances are witnessed in the form of sunburns, prickly heat, poison ivy or short tempers. This imbalance will calm down as the temperature will improve; this is considered as the best trick for managing this constitution.

It is thus of great significance for a Pitta to intake a combination of cooling food and raw food. Warmer foods are the great appetite enhancers for the winters. Pitta is usually active between 10 am to 2 pm and in the night from 10 pm to 2 am.

Skin rashes, fever, ulceration, burning sensations, inflammations etc. are quite prevalent when there is an aggravation in the fire element of the Pitta. The water element present in this constitution can bring a serious impact on the kidneys; thus a proper diet and routine is an essential aspect of this constitution.

Balancing Pitta:

  • Keeping cool and avoiding excess of heat, humidity and steam
    • Keep cool by sitting under a shady tree in the middle of the work and adorn a hat to cool the active brain. This is necessary as the heat could aggravate a Pitta.
  • Abstaining from fried foods, excess oils, salt, caffeine, alcohol and red meat
    • In Ayurveda the above mentioned food products are considered as the factors for elevating the heat.
  • Adding fresh fruits and leafy vegetables into the diet with ample quantities of milk and cheese
    • Tomatoes and papaya are the best for calming down the Pitta. Sweet and ripe is what works for this prakruti. The dairy products are cooling in nature, but abstain from hard cheese, buttermilk and sour cream. Oats are also quite helpful.
  • Emphasis on the bitter, sweet and astringent tastes in the food selection
    • Pitta always requires more proteins than any other constitution. Goat milk, tofu, cow milk often acts as a great balancer. The bitter taste can be generated through greens namely collards, parsley and turnip greens.

So, now you can recognize if you belong to this constitution and plan your meals and activities accordingly.

Author: Preeti

A homemaker turned beauty consultant since 6 years. I am affiliated to an MNC and I recruit individuals only on the power of my speech. This made me go in for writing strong, impact-full content and convey to the mass. I am currently working in the fields of Ayurveda, Beauty, Technology and also Travel. Though beauty is the niche from where my journey begun!! You can look upon me if you wish to take tips and training for the best looking skin for yourself and you can also learn a bit about the role of Ayurveda in looking good.


  1. Karen Land says:

    Nice info about Pitta Constitution, it would be nice if you post more info about what type of food to consume for the Pitta Constitution during different seasons like winter, spring, summer, and fall.

  2. A lot of information about pitta constitution we are getting here. A good series of write ups about constitution and its types.


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