Nutritional Needs of Kapha Constitution

Strength, stamina and endurance are the buzz words of the Kapha constitution. The elements of water and earth and the attributes such as faith, grounded, calm, lubrication and fluidity are fundamentally associated with Kapha. The Kaphas are very good at formulating as well as following a routine, once established. The chances of a Kapha getting stuck in a rut are quite minimal. The presence of fluid and soft muscles as well as a lubricated skin often denotes Kapha in kids. The traits of this constitution get reduced with the growing age.

Nutritional Needs of Kapha Constitution
The primary residence of Kaphas is in the chest, head, throats, sinuses, lungs, nose, mouth, joints, stomach and lymphs. The body’s ability to produce mucus is often correlated with the Kaphas.

Attributes of individuals of Kapha constitution:

  • Flaunts a heavy bone structure and are plump like a child
  • Have a tendency to gain weight lucidly, but losing weight creates myriad troubles for them. Exercise helps in keeping a tab on the weight
  • Eyes are very attractive and the density of eyelashes is quite thick
  • The hairs are wavy and oily
  • Tanning problem is less, as the skin remains cool
  • Digestion is fine or a little slow
  • Have a good appetite but can skip meals
  • Can work well in routines, but also love leisure activities
  • Possess an inherent resistance to change. They have a hard time in letting go the things.
  • Can save money easily
  • Possess a steady sexual drive. Possess an inherent desire to own people or things, which can even take the form of lust or greed.

The Kapha constitution was the most valued in the ancient times. Kaphas are enduring, unless they impact their bodies significantly. The primary residence of Kaphas is in the chest, head, throats, sinuses, lungs, nose, mouth, joints, stomach and lymphs. The body’s ability to produce mucus is often correlated with the Kaphas. It is predominant during 6 am to 10 am in the morning and in the evening from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Kapha imbalances:

The kapha imbalances are often witnessed as colds, depression, congestion, sinusitis, excess weight, sluggishness, edema or diabetes.  The constitution can be imbalanced if long naps are taken post meals, exercises are not done, an excess of fatty foods and oils, beer and potatoes are taken in the diet, drugs such as sedatives are taken regularly, sitting like a couch potato and assuming that the work will be done by someone else and not by oneself and eating a dessert on a single day such as an ice cream.

Balancing Kapha:

  • Lots of physical activity
    • Kaphas can sustain the heavy exercises with great ease. This constitution has an inherent power to handle the complex exercises than found in any other constitution.
  • Keeping the consumption level of fat to a bare minimum
    • The ideal recipes for the Kapha displays a dearth of oil, as it can increase the Kapha inappropriately. Dairy products are quite heavy and must be avoided. Mustard oil or sunflower oil should be used, in case oil has to be used.
  • Shying from iced foods, sweets and breads
    • These dishes are heavy and are thus, not recommended.
  • Eyeing on foods which are light, dry and warm
    • Hot, light spicy foods such as the Latin American cuisine work wonder for Kapha.
  • In taking no more than the four cups of fluid each day
    • Fluids aggrandize the moisture level, so should be taken in a minimum quantity.
  • An emphasis on the bitter, astringent and pungent taste in the food selection
  • Fresh vegetables, spices and herbs
    • Light crispy foods such as corn tortillas, steamed vegetables, popcorns and rye crackers are great choices.
  • Grabbing adequate carbohydrates
    • Carbohydrates in lunch or dinner are essential for providing the adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and fibers.

You can now easily identify, as to which constitution or prakruti you belong to.

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