Most Popular Treks in Ladakh Himalayas

Charles Lidnbergh, US Air plane pilot, had once said “Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization”. The statement is true in all the situations, more when we are talking about Nature unbounded. The more one goes closer to it the greater is the intensity he can feel. The rendezvous with nature is not like a short lived memory. The time spent with nature is nothing expressions can tell. People enjoy the experience in many ways but the best way to capture the moments with nature in memory is trekking. Globe trotters are quite familiar with the famous trekking destinations Striking of these are the most popular treks in Ladakh region of Himalayas.

View of Stok Kangri Trek, for professional trekkers. Photo from Flickr

The unknown terrains might be frequented by others but they were not you. What you find here while trekking is just a matter of keenness and chance.

In the southern Asian region, the Himalayan mountain ranges are famed for their lofty peaks and best kept nature’s secrets. Abode of many wonderful places, Himalayas etch out an admirer of nature in every trekker. The region of Garhwal, Kumaon, Zanskar, Ladakh Himalayas and many others get numerous trekking enthusiasts. Some of whom are just beginners and starting with their family on easy treks. Other trekkers are professional in the act they have developed a love for. They pack bags and forget the world they know to translate urges that Nature has to make even with its most destructive forms like avalanches, common in the areas.
Some of the popular treks in the Ladakh area of Himalayas are as follows:

Zanskar Valley Trek
A long trek for a seasoned trekker, Zanskar Valley is full of admiring things you would come across in the path. This journey could only be accomplished successfully only if the trekker is in habit of tedious exercise. This trek could be broken down into many smaller trekking expeditions if time does not permit you for a longer one. Most popular treks in Ladakh are culled out of these places only.

Stok Kangri Trek
The trek in the Ladakh region is more for a professional amusement rather than being meant for beginner. After acclimatization in Leh, the trekkers would start their journey from Shang that acts as base camp. The acclimatization is very crucial in treks like these. It is rather important to do a smaller altitude trek prior to Stok Summit. The height of more than 20,000 ft can be daunting for a city dweller. Failing in doing that would result in incomplete trek. View of Indus and Zanskar Rivers are most rewarding for a good start. Starting from Shang to Shnag Phu followed by Shang Phu La, Matho Doksa, Matho La, Gangpoche reaching to Stok Kangri Base Camp from where climbing to the summit is done. This can take 15 to 20 days if proper acclimatization is included.

Markha Valley Trek
The Markha valley trekking is comparatively easier but do not take it for granted. Sometimes, it is even recommended to families who have a habit of partaking trekking adventures on every vacation. The first part of the journey would include Spitok, Zingchan, Rumbak, Yurutse, Skiu finally reaching to Markha and the second part that deals with the returning to Leh will take the route through Thachungtse, Nimaling, Kongmarula, Shangsumdo and Martselang. Various religious marks associated with Buddhism with the natural existence are nothing short of amusement while you are in Ladakh Himalayas.

Chadar Trek
A winter trek, this one is meant for sturdy individual who find delight in snow and sceneries of it. Almost isolated, the trek is used when no other route is left open for traveling from one point to other in the region. Tsarap River gets frozen in the season, enough to walk over it. Starting from Chilling Sumdo, Nyerag, Lingshed to Zanskar. Pishu, the frozen Zanskar River, Zaribago, Deepyokma, Nyarakpulu, Tsarak Do, Pidmo, Zangla, Stongde, Tsomopaldar and Tilatdo are the other places you might see while on this trek.
Trek your mind out!

Author: Rahul Sharma

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  1. I never visited any of the Treks in Himalayas you mentioned in your blog. I hope I can visit Himalayas, during my next trip to India.

  2. Rahul Sharma says:

    Hi Steve,

    Its gonna be a wonderful experience for you if you are never visited Himalayas treks . Off course, you can visit Himalayas with best possible ways. I have recommend tour & travel company that makes your next trip to India unforgettable at very affordable packages, just follow given link

  3. I might visit New Delhi next year; if I visit I am planning to visit Ladakh Himalayas. If the time permits I will take a expatiation in one of the trucks you mentioned in your article.

    Do non-Indian citizens need a visa to enter Ladakh?

    • Rahul Sharma says:

      Yes, Off Course Non- Indian Citizens should have a valid visa to enter Ladakh. Why i’m saying valid visa because visa are of different types such as tourist visa , business visa and student visa etc. Without one these visa you cant be enter into India. If you are not able to enter into India then how it will be possible to enter in Ladakh.

  4. Karen Land says:

    How many days are needed for Zanskar Valley Trek?

    How much it will cost?

  5. I plan to visit Ladakh really soon and visit the places mentioned by you!!
    Thanks for the interesting trekking information!


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