Learning the Basics of Ayurvedic Marma Massage

Ayurveda refers to a healing system widely practiced in India for thousands of years and Marma massage is an important component of this beneficial system. Marma refers to a portion of the body where bones, joints, tendons and blood vessels interact. The human body possesses 107 Marma points which were identified in the Ayurvedic text “Sushruta Samhita”.


Marma points are viewed as bridges between the energetic and physical bodies. These points are situated in sensitive areas of the body and stimulating any of these points influence another section of the body. For example, comforting the point at the back of the calf will benefit the small intestines.

Can everyone undergo Marma Massage?

It must first be ascertained that you are fit for the massage. To verify your fitness you must consult with an Ayurvedic physician. You may be asked to disclose your behavior patterns and current ailments. Your eyes, tongue, pulse and muscle reflexes may also be examined.

How does Marma Massage go?

Here are the steps that determine how the massage must be performed on you.

** This treatment usually starts with a light touch on the target points. The touch gets increasingly firm over the duration of one to three minutes.

** Circular hand movements are typically performed in the massage.

** Stimulation of a Marma point is accomplished with clockwise motions while counterclockwise movements release the blocked energy from a point.

** Appropriate essential oils are used in the massage and these oils may either cause relaxation or stimulation.

** A massage session may involve all the Marma points with each point getting briefly touched. Based on the customer’s condition, the massage therapist may decide to focus only on the most critical points.

** Each session typically lasts from one to one and a half hour.

** You may be advised to take a warm shower after the massage.

** It may take you two to six sessions before sensing any significant effect.

 Benefits of Marma Massage

Marma massage has several benefits and here are they:

** Relieves nervousness and anxiety.

** Liberates you from mental and physical stresses. This desirable effect can be achieved by raising the amount of serotonin and other mood-elevating compounds in the body

** Those who suffer light headedness are advised to undergo this massage.

** The massage is very beneficial for the muscles. It tones the muscles in the treated areas.

** Remove numbness.

** It is reported to be beneficial for stroke patients. These patients are recommended to be massaged weekly for three to six months.

** The massage is very effective against different forms of muscular discomfort such as back pains.

** Enhances blood circulation.

** Lowers your blood pressure.

** Strengthens your immune system.

 Disadvantages of Marma Massage

Despite the mentioned health benefits Marma massage may have disadvantages as well and here are few of them:

** One may need to spend a lot of money for achieving your desired relaxation.

** The massage session may consume a lot of time and may interfere with some of your tasks.

** Massage by an inexperienced therapist makes you suffer from accidental injuries.

** Marma points are very sensitive and sometimes are very crucial parts of your body. Mishandling such points may result in muscular discomfort, nerve damage or other undesirable effects.

This massage can benefit anyone who does not have a contagious disease, fever, blood clot, kidney or liver ailment, uncontrolled hypertension and inflammation. Women at early stages of their pregnancy are discouraged to undergo this massage. The comfort and relaxation provided by this massage are very beneficial for people who can experience this therapeutic massage preserved throughout the ages.

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