Kolakham – A concealed abode of Himalayan chastity

Amidst the foggy slopes of Lava-Loleygaon, the cozy bed of Neora Valley National Park in North Bengal, an unexplored beauty lies concealed with its vivacious natural boon that is named as KOLAKHAM. My two days were the twenty years of my life since I have mustered my healing memories. Among all those glimpses that inspire me to believe the proclamation of many unexplored places of north Bengal that together ornate the beauty of Himalayan foothills, Kolakham will axiomatically be towering the names in the list.

The place has its all the amalgamated features that together construct the pillars to behold the Green Paradise. It’s a place that not only has the blessings of gloriously erect Kanchanjunga, but also has a rare village that is completely has purely vegetarian human inhabitation. The villagers with their divine lifestyle will certainly impact any visitor stimulating the self motivation to go for a vegetarian lifestyle.

Kolakham is few kilometers interior to lava & loleygaon, one has to follow the rocky terrain with a vehicle that leads to the core areas of Neora valley national park and the prime sight seeing spot for the travelers who stay in the hotels in Lava – changey falls.

In the recent years predicting the number of nature lovers admiring the village’s beauty, the village has found a good scheme for sustainable livelihood by constructing nature resorts in Kolakham to facilitate the accommodation for visitors. The nature resorts in Kolakham are basically built under the concept of Homestay – an effective category of eco-tourism. The Nepali tribes “Rai” contribute to the beauty of this place. Nearly 60 houses in number the complete village follow the stringent religious custom of Jasmani and Radha Swami who are purely vegetarians. Unlike other unexplored villages of north Bengal or foothills of Himalayas, it precisely looks odd when you can’t find any goats or hens grazing and perching in the green luscious fields of Cardamom in the village.

The morning in the homestays in Kolakham starts with the hypnotizing sight of Kanchanjunga melancholically tuned with the music of chirping birds, one of the reasons which make it the paradise for bird watchers. The sober and wise smile of the villagers will create perfection in your mind regarding the chastity of Himalayas, the chastened Himalayans.

Author: Babit


  1. Pam Brown says:

    That is a beautiful photo and a nice write up. I know there are so many wonders are there near Himalayas and KOLAKHAM is one among them.

  2. Satavisa Chaudhuri says:

    North Bengali is really a beautiful place, and among few such places in Bengal which still retains the traditional flavor of Bengal.

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