Know your “prakruti”- discover your constitution

Prakruti in a nutshell is defined in Ayurveda as the energy combination which a human being brings with him at the time of his birth. The other name for the prakruti is the innate constitution.

Our acts do significantly affect our constitution. It acts as a definite Sourcebook to the well-being, vitality and health of an individual. Photo from Flickr

Our acts do significantly affect our constitution. It acts as a definite Sourcebook to the well-being, vitality and health of an individual. The Ayurvedic concept of prakruti takes the individual’s constitution and its susceptibility to the diseases, mindset and lifestyle. This method considers the individual as a whole, rather than throwing a separate light on the diseases from which the individual is suffering.

If one abstains from the power of the constitution, he or she can certainly turn into a magnet for myriad difficulties. The three fundamental categories of the constitution comprise of the five elements. The three categories of the constitution are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Description of the three basic constitutions:
Vata: – The predominance of elements such as ether and air in the constitution of an individual makes that person a Vata.

Pitta: – An individual is termed as Pitta, if the physical makeup of a human being comprises primarily of water and fire.

Kapha: – The ascendancy of earth and water at the time of the birth of an individual makes his/her constitution Kapha.

Many individuals consider the above mentioned concept as a mere cultural stereotyping. This thought is quite prevalent amongst individuals who encounter the essence of the Ayurveda for the first time. Many considered the categorization of the constitution as an act of categorizing the people of a land. Perhaps, it was felt by many that this becomes the underlying reason for Ayurveda to take so many years to reach a stage of glory.

Human beings are a phenomenal creature and they are inherently more remarkable than as explained by any of the standardized description, be it Ayurvedic, psychological, biochemical or astrological.

Human beings are very intelligent creatures; many of the individuals have started using the constitutional classification as a shield. For instance, a person was quoted saying that being a Kapha, he can never accrue any sorts of weight issues. Many individuals blame their Pitta constitution for their ever going bad temper and mood swings.

Such thought process puts a big question mark on the entire concept of constitution. The prakruti is not meant to limit one’s ways or behavior, or urge them to recode themselves in accordance with the characteristics described in the constitution. One can surely learn about one’s nature through it.

Discovering the constitution
A trained Ayurvedic physician can predict one’s constitution by assessing the pulse. The presence of elements such as emotional, mental and physical, builds a constitution. The pulse examination provides information about the balanced and unbalanced elements.

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  1. Resham Virk says:

    Hello Preeti, great introductory article. But reading this article has increased my curiosity to learn more about the Prakrutis. Do throw in some more light about the traits of all the constitutions!!

  2. People’s behaviour, health issues and diseases they face depends a lot on constitution. I am of kapha prakurti as told by Doctor and I have suffered with cough, cold, headache since my childhood.

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